Caution…Extreme Heat Makes You Loopy

Ok, I think I have been in the heat too long today. Yes, I think the 116 degrees is making me a little wacky. I’m use to being cooped up in my store where it is at least 80. To make things worse, I was changing door locks in a house with no air. So inside must have been like 142 or something. You know the hot where sweat is dripping down you and you are getting stickier and stinkier by the minute.

Aren’t you glad I’m sharing this salty tasting moment with you?

When I finished, I was ready for a nap. But I’ve discovered in my life that napping while driving is a bad thing to do. Damn other drivers just don’t understand why you are weaving in their lane.

I even stopped at my favorite place in the world….QT (Quick Trip – the best gas station in the world) to get me a tea. OMG, it was good. Problem is, it went from cool to hot in a matter of minutes.

Needless to say, I have only an hour or so to do my daily post. So this is what you get. My sweaty, hot adventure for the day. Tomorrow, I have a new friend to introduce you too. And he is very adventurous. I think you will love him.

As for the locks? That was fun. I was teaching my niece how to change them. She was a quick learner. Yep, that means she made the same silly mistakes I did right after we learned not to put them in upside down. I’m telling you, it’s the heat. It makes you do stupid things even when you know better.

But I was proud of her. Always love having a new person to torture with knowledge.

I’m just rattling now. I’m still hot, brain is still fried and if left alone with the keyboard too long, I might just tell you every waking moment of my day.

Although I did have a great dinner with my family for my nephew’s 15th birthday which is tomorrow. Boy were we all stuffed. I’m pretty sure the Molton Cakes did us all in. So, see, I’m still rattling. I’ll just end with this….



Love ya


Ok, tomorrow I’ll be funnier. My brain cells should be back to normal after some sleep and air conditioning.     😀


~~~till we laugh again~~~