Spelling Is SOOOO Overrated!

Ok, I’ve been one of the lucky ones. I have yet to be attacked by any of the Vocabulary/Spelling Police.

I’m not saying I never will (knock on wood) but maybe I’m just lucking out due to being so darn funny!

(I barely could say that with a straight face!) 

I’m not saying I’m really bad, but I do mess up. I have lots of excuses, I mean reasons.


  • I could blame it on genetics…. that whole apple not falling far from the tree stuff
    • But that would be an easy cop-out and unfair
    • Besides, one of my sisters has already taken that one


  • I could blame it on spell check…. God only knows how much I LOVE my red squiggly line! They are so pretty
    • But being that I’m 46, the spell checker can only account for my bad spelling the past 15 – 20 years if I’m lucky
    • But I will say, it sure hasn’t helped it any!


  • I could blame it on the dictionary…how many times have we heard this…“Look it up in the dictionary!”
    • I’m still trying to find phone under the “F”s
    • And Psycho under the “S”s
    • I’m just saying……


  • I could blame it on how lazy we are as a country
    • I’m pretty sure having 26 letters in the alphabet allows for a gazillion (just saw a red squiggly by the way) …a gazillion combination of letters to create new words
    • Is there a reason we have so many words that sound the same but are spelled differently?
      • Do we really need – there, their, and they’re?
        • Even when offering sympathy we can’t really go, there, their, they’re….


  • I could blame it on my Honor’s Classes
    • Yes, I’ll admit it. I was an Honor’s student my whole 18 years.
      • GATE, MGM, HONOR’s, whatever the name was in each district or level, I had them
    • Or as I like to think of it, I was the stupidest smart kid in my class
      • Why? I really hate studying
    • In Honors they taught me how to read. Not spell. Sorry, it’s true.
      • Probably why I hate reading so much as well now that I think about it.

Yes, I could blame it on all of the items above. But the reality is, it probably is a combination of it all. Plus sprinkle in the fact that I am just not fascinated with words and language like some folks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Scrabble or Words for Friends game. But my reality is, I read so fast my mind knows what it is Suppose to be reading and not necessarily what was typed or hand written.

I bet most of you do too.

Read this….

Ok, by a show of hands…

How many of your read – A Bird in the Bush?

Now, how many of you read A Bird in the the Bush?

Some of you are still reading the same….I’ll wait for those folks to catch on…..


OK, I’m out of time. My point is this….

Sorry I’m not a great speller, but let’s face it, in some cases (not all) spelling might be a little over rated.

Oh yea, and please Spelling Police…..Don’t attack me!  


This is a humor blog……I was trying to be funny….

Plus I fixed all my read red squiggly lines!



~~~till we laugh again~~~