I’m Stuffed!

I know how he feels.


My nephews (12 and 14) came over tonight and we decided to make some hamburgers. Ok, more like I wanted some homemade hamburgers and bribed my other half to make them.

Now we all sit here stuffed. Tummy aches. Moans and groans.

I’m surprised my one nephew is even alive after the two big creations he scarfed down. This kids eating is worth a post all on its own one day.  LOL.

Let’s just say a lot of slurping, lot of runny gooey junk all over his hands, mouth and any thing else he might come in contact with. Definitely not pretty.

I’ll spare you the graphic details. I can’t burn your eyes…..

But we are stuffed.

Ok, he’s not this bad ~ LOL

Sad part is….I also bought some red velvet cupcakes. I’m pretty sure when the moaning stops, Mr “I Wear My Food” will be asking for cupcakes. The rest of us will moan some more….

Did I mention the kid is 14 and almost 6ft tall?

Good thing we already took showers. He is all clean to wear more food.   LOL

Ok, I have to go moan some more……

What did the teddy bear say when offered dessert?





No thanks. I’m stuffed! 


God I love that joke!

~~~till we laugh again~~~