No Normal People Allowed!

Wow, who would have thought after yesterday’s post I would have so many people banging down the door to join my club of non normal people?ย 

We are a unique group. After all, normal is soooooo boring.

Us non normal people relish in our qualities that make us stand out from others.

We laugh things most people don’t, and usually at all the wrong moments too. ย And, if you are like me, it doesn’t bother you at all.

We also tend to think other people take life way to seriously. Now, I’m not saying we aren’t serious, but jeez louise, some of you are serious about stuff that really doesn’t make a difference.

So, for all of you that want to join our Not Normal and Proud of It! Club… Here is the Fort that I’ve built us.

Feel free to visit anytime you need to hide from these “normal” people who try so hard to ruin your day.

So far in our club we have….

Wow, that’s a good start!

For those of you wanting to get in….raise your hands….higherrrrrrrr, HIGHERRRRRR

tsk tsk, I can see you through the screen. Some of you didn’t do it.

Oh heck, the more crazy and weird you are the better! ย 

So sing down the halls, skip across the yard, laugh at your neighbors butt crack as they pick up their Sunday paper. Whatever you do that makes you odd, shout it from the rooftops!

Just sign up by clicking Like and feel free to leave a comment on why you should be included or what you would bring to our club!

~~~~till we laugh again~~~~

60 thoughts on “No Normal People Allowed!

  1. kinetikat

    Maybe I could be the insecurity guard? I gots the muscles. And I could totally make and paint up some signs saying “Normals beware!” or “Please Check Your Social Norms At The Door.”

  2. photosfromtheloonybin

    Oh Madam President of The Not Normal and Proud of it! Club, I am honored to be appointed the official photographer, and I will take my job very seriously (wait, that should be not seriously!!). Anyway, thanks for the photo of the clubhouse because it reminded me of the time that I decided to join my kids on their fort and slide down the slide, only to get my fat ass stuck halfway down. My husband and kids were laughing so hard that I thought they would pee their pants. Moral of the story? Always measure the slide to ass ratio before embarking on such an adventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Katie

    My four sisters and I definitely qualify for membership — in fact, the family motto is “We put the FUN back in dysfunctional” – and we have passed this mantra on to our children who don’t understand that when you breed nerds, you get nerds! Blessedly, I now have grandchildren whom I can indoctrinate.

  4. ladystamper

    I’m not sure exactly what ‘normal’ is, but I assumed I was normal and the rest of the world was a bunch of weirdos. Does that qualify me? Seems all the good positions are taken…but I’m real good at heckling, especially people on slides…I learned that from my sister in law that told me my (extremely good for a 37 year old) cartwheel was the funniest thing she had ever seen. I did not punch her teeth out…but the thought was there….

  5. Pink Ninjabi

    Me gotz a basketful of da kittehs, just waiting to be cuddled by the extra specials aka non-normals. We’re like a special league, a force if you will, of Super Strangeness, often stared at by people in public, but often, we are caught staring at our idiosyncrasies with much curiosity as well. To that, I say Meow. Yes. Meow it UP.


  6. pouringmyartout

    Seriously, I bet I could make a costume of Dick Cheney as Fred Flintstone… or as Gumby, a sausage, a gynecologist… you name it, as long as it is the Dick Cheney version, I could be anything…

  7. mommyhelmic

    Well as someone who had known me my whole life, you are more than qualified to decide how not normal I am. But no duties please, I want no responsibilities for once.

  8. Finally... Wendy Wanders

    Pick me! Pick me! I actually got caught talking to myself as I was walking down the street the other day. Seriously! Actually… that’s what I was saying… “seriously” … or maybe it was “What the F*@& ?” after passing a handful of people walking in the opposite direction and not getting any response to my smile and hello from any of them. Apparently I am “not normal” enough to elicit a response or even a nod from the normal people in town. Does that qualify me????

  9. tammyehoney

    Check out the video’s on My Blog and on my hubby’s blog and I think we both qualify for your club lol…we have been parents of eye rolling children for years…

  10. benzeknees

    I thought I expressed my interest yesterday when I asked about ice cream & you left me out (pout). I am really good at advertising, so I could be the Master of Miscommunication (how does that sound for a title?). Pick me! Pick me! And don’t forget the ice cream!

  11. poemsandponderings

    I would like to join the not normal and proud of it club.. I would like to write the club’s motto, or the membership pledge..Something like “We’re on the outside look(ing) out!”

  12. Disha chaurasiya

    My biggest fear is that in the future I do not ever wish is normal but my mind tells me that it can only be to someone just Normal? am i in the group..?

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