Look What I Made Everyone

Ok, so I was starting to do one thing then being the true “Look shiny thing!” person I am, I went in a whole different direction.

I got to thinking about how many people embraced being “Non-Normal last week. And how proud everyone seemed to be.

So I thought, why not make a little badge anyone who wants to, can post on their blog page to celebrate their uniqueness?

Be Unique, be yourself

What do you think? 

No pressure. As you can see I’ve added it to my side bar.

I know, I’m silly.

I’m just determined I think to help everyone embrace our differences and realize that normal is boring. Normal is a myth and honestly, I think we all are a little strange in our own way.

Besides, who wants to be like everyone else?

Ok, I have to go accomplish something today…..Just wanted to share….

Dare to Be Different!

~~~till we laugh again~~~

21 thoughts on “Look What I Made Everyone

  1. writerwannabe763

    I already feel like a ‘non-normal’ person because I posted the logo on my site…now if I could just tell jokes better …nahhhh leave that up to people like you…lol Diane

  2. the curtain raiser

    Tammy can you apply your creative talents to create a badge that refers to the Club? I would love to put that on my sidebar 🙂

  3. pouringmyartout

    Penguin photo bomb. Love it.
    I hate to be a stick in the mud, but since, technically speaking, the yellow ball is the ‘normal’ color we associate with the smiley face, so the blue balls are really the ones embracing non-normality. Sort of a catch 22, but mostly I just felt like saying ‘blue balls’…

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      LOL, yes, but they so sad being blue…Maybe that’s the reality of the world, its us non-normals that are really normal being true to ourselves and the those “normal’s” really aren’t because they aren’t true to themselves?

      Wow, that’s deep

  4. Pink Ninjabi

    I have Twittered this badge as my blog site is a bit restrictive (that or I’m clueless) how to post badges and the like. Thank you soooo much for posting! 😀


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