A Dog’s Unconditional Love

Thank you for all the kind words yesterday about my family’s loss of our dog Bingo yesterday.

Today has been a sad day as you can imagine. As I’ve said before, my dog was more of a shadow than anything. She followed me everywhere, especially in the morning as I got ready. Probably since she knew I would be leaving the house to go to work, she always wanted to stick close to me until I left.

As I walked out of bed and didn’t have to step over her, or when I showered when she normally laid on the mat waiting for me, I was sad knowing she would never be there again. I’m sure when I go home in a few hours, not being greeted by her at the front door will bring up that sadness as well. Her tail a wagging as she was so excited.

My goal this post is not to be sad, but to celebrate what many people have found in their lives. Our Pet’s are our family. Especially for those like myself that never had children. They become your children. Especially after 14 years together.

But a dog’s love is different. I love cats, but they are independent and can have an attitude at times. But that is part of their charm.

A dog however, they only want to love you and for you to love them back.

They just want to let you know that they will always be there for you…

They teach us to just relax and let the wind blow in our fur I mean hair and enjoy the ride…

Thank you to those of you that shared your story of a lost pet and for those of you who shared that you recognize that your beloved “child” is nearing the end as well.

Fill your heart with happy memories. Sure they might make you sad, but even in death, our dogs continue to show us the love they had for us. All you have to do is revisit these memories.




~~~till we laugh again~~~

27 thoughts on “A Dog’s Unconditional Love

  1. robincoyle

    Oh s**t. You made me cry again. After putting Rosie down three years ago, the pain is still close to the surface. I always say hello to her when I walk by her grave at our cabin – her favorite place. Oh Tammy – I wish I could give you a hug.

  2. tammyehoney

    We lost Nelly who was seven because she was protecting Sassy who was about 17 and drove away the neighbors pack of 10 who were attacking Sassy. Nelly was on the shoulder of the road where she had chased the ten into the road and stopped…the approaching car swerved to miss the pack and luckily she died instantly. Sassy died two weeks later when we took her to the vet when she woke up limping and could not put pressure at all on a front leg…only to find out she had bone cancer and it had spread to her lungs…she never complained…she fell asleep right there in our arms with Trina by our side to say goodbye…Every morning and night Trina lays a milk bone at the entrance of the store and leaves it…In Memory…

    Always to be remembered for little things…never to be forgotten….

  3. terry1954

    i want that dog in the bro picture. i don’t know what kind it is, a bull dog? i love it. as for you my friend, this has to b so hard. i have been through this before, time heals but your memories remain forever

      1. terry1954

        you are so right Tammy. I live on a lot of memories. my fav times of my life was being a mommy, and i live with those memories. i hate my children being grown and out of the house

  4. izzy327

    My you certainly have met some wonderful people who follow your blogs, they make my heart sing for you. I hope tomorrow is a bit easier for you, Michelle, and Tia. xxx

  5. Pink Ninjabi

    They say grief is a pool best sipped completely dry, albeit it be through a straw, hence it is a slow process, but one we must go through nonetheless. May all of you be rejoined in heaven with swim slides, rivers of chocolate, and bouncy castles that are dog friendly.

    Much hugs to you,


  6. benzeknees

    I still tear up every time I think of my beloved Bandit (almost 14) who we lost almost exactly a year ago. He went to sleep in my arms. I like to think of Bandit in Heaven playing with my daughter’s dog Lizzie who died suddenly of lymphoma just a couple months before Bandit. He is still missed & very much loved.

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