Proof of My Hard Work

Ok, it’s been a long day so far. But for many of you that statement is probably true.

I even have a green, blue, pink thumb to prove it…

I’d show you my whole hand, but it’s shy. So all you get is a thumb. It will have to do. I’d let you borrow it to hitchhike but hitchhiking is bad for your life. Might be some psycho out there, and my thumb couldn’t live with the quilt of helping to hurt you.

Yesterday I was all pink. Why? I’m glad you asked. Lots and lots of pink purses. Wanna see?

Makes ya just want to run out and get your Mom one doesn’t it? So, if you live next to a Baskin Robbins, go order yours today. Tell them Tammy sent you.  LOL

Ok, I must get back to doing something productive. Tomorrow I get to do this all over again but longer.

As Tigger would say…TTFN……Ta Ta for Now


~~~till we laugh again~~~


It’s Gonna Be A Long Week ~ I’m Sorry

I might as well apologize now.

There, I’ve said it. Those words we all hate having to say.

Why am I sorry?

This week is going to be a crazy week for me. Too much to do. And no matter how much I like hiding from the “real” world by hanging out with you fine people, I must slide you to the side a wee bit to make room for all the Mother’s Day cakes I have to make.

Yep, you heard me right. Besides my mad skills in the sarcasm world and my extremely gifted talent of finding humor in silly things, I actually can make ice cream cakes.

I’m definitely not that talented, but I have designs I can copy and I’m a great copier. I leave the art to my sister. She is the artist, I’m the smart ass who copies.

There are two times a year we sell tons of ice cream cakes and Mommy & Daddy Day’s are the biggies. So I must focus on those.

So, I will not be able to read as many of your blogs as I would like. But I promise, when I do get back on track, I’ll scroll back to catch anything good I might have missed.

I need you all to do me a favor and save all the good stuff until next week. Ok?  Cool, I knew you would all understand. Good little bloggers you all are.

Now, try not to miss my smart butt comments. I know some of you will hide and cry in the corner. Don’t worry, it will be OK. The world will not end.  (At least not until December).

Off to do a conference call, then off to make some cakes. Maybe off again to do other stuff I need, then back to making cakes. Then tomorrow wash and repeat.

Maybe one day I’ll bore you with some fun we have while making them. Like how I turned my fingers pink today from making too many pink purses. Making the purses didn’t cause the problem, my lack of keeping the tint off my fingers caused it. But that’s a story for another day.

Maybe one day I’ll show you some of the cakes we have done.

Ok, now stop reading!      I have stuff to do!    😀


Did I mention that I have some cakes to make?


~~~till we laugh again~~~