Finally it’s Friday! Is it Your TGIF?

Ok, if you have followed our journey so  far, we have taken a look at Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Now it’s time to see what we can on Friday.

Since I started what seemed like a good idea at the time, I realize how long the week actually is. Although it has been interesting discovering some new stuff.

Let’s take a look at Friday. That is of course if you aren’t partying already. But let’s face it, most of you are wayyyyy beyond your party years and now your idea of a hot Friday night is curling up on your couch with the TiVo remote and catching up to the shows you missed all week.

So what interesting (or semi-interesting) things did I track down for our ever growing useless knowledge in case we become someone’s phone a friend…

  • Friday is the only day of the week named for a woman. Her name was Frigga and she was the consort of Odin. (Just like the woman to push the men out of the way and take the credit for the day everyone tends to get excited for)
  • Any month beginning on a Sunday will contain a Friday the 13th (Button down the hatches, we have one coming next week)
    • Friday is considered unlucky, especially Friday the 13th and unlucky to begin a voyage (then why is Friday such a mess at the airports? Guess we like our 3 days vacations more)
    • Ton’s of facts about Friday the 13th, I might have to do a special edition next week
  • Here in America we tend to forget that Friday might be the end of our weekend, but in other parts of the country, Friday signifies other things.
    • For example, did you know…
      • Friday in Saudi Arabia is the last day of the weekend and Saturday is the first workday
      • Friday in Israel is the first day of the weekend and Sunday is the first day of work
      • Muslims use Friday as their day of rest and worship
  • In the Philippines, there is a superstitious belief that it’s bad to trim finger and toe nails on Fridays (Dang, and that is the day I set aside to create those flying projectiles – guess that move has to be postponed)

And today is a special Friday for some. Yep, it’s Good Friday ~ the day Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. While it isn’t a Federal Holiday, it is a state holiday in 14 states. And many schools and many non retail businesses close. So it’s one of those wink wink not official holiday’s but we know people are going to call out sick anyways so why not just close the place down days.

Well, that brings us to the conclusion of Friday.
  • For those of you young whipper snappers that will be partying tonight ~ be safe.
  • For those of you working this weekend ~ try and not slap anyone bragging about having the weekend off and all the fun stuff they plan to have
  • For those of you celebrating the religious weekend ~ The pastor will be excited to see some of you since you only get dragged to church on Easter and Christmas
  • For many of you ~ no eating the chocolate bunny ears until Sunday, otherwise the bunny will not hear you coming

“See” ya’ll tomorrow with some fun facts (hopefully) about Saturday…  (don’t worry, only two more days to go) but I have to finish this commitment to this L~O~N~G running comedy bit…..

~~~till we laugh again~~~