33% of This Year Together

In December 2011 I had a wild and crazy idea.

I would attempt to find humor in life and share that humor every day in 2012. As of today, the year is 33% over. And for the record, it is so unfair that as we get older time just flies by.

I remember when starting a Post a Day in 2012, that I thought there was no way on earth I could think of something funny everyday. I just kept telling myself that I laugh at all kinds of things and since I insist on living my life that way, everything would work out.

Back then I had maybe 20-25 followers and of course my Facebook victims I mean friends and family. Who would want to read this silly blog?

Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted people to read it. Why waste all these good laughs on the few when I could help make people all over the world find at least one laugh in their day.

During our short time, I’ve shared things about myself and things that have happened to me. I’ve also shared things that make me smile or laugh. Sometimes, those things were probably very stupid to some. But to me, they made me giggle. After all, I tend to giggle at stupid things.


As time has gone on, I find that I worry too much if my readers will find something funny or not. We are funny creatures us humans. We want that approval. And as an over achiever, I need to “feel” that I’ve accomplished my mission. That I have succeeded in making you smile or laugh. I find I worry that something will bomb or readers will think it is stupid. Basically, I think too much and sometimes forget my main mission.

As I head into the next 33% of our days together, I’m going to try to focus on what makes me smile or laugh. Sometimes that might not be funny to you. And I have to learn not to stress over that. All that matters is it made me laugh or smile. It might be silly pictures, some trivia, a story about myself, society in general, who knows. But for some reason it struck me as funny. It’s me, Laughing at Everyday Life. I find humor every where.

We are all funny in our own way. Some bloggers are natural story tellers and I’m fascinated at how they can take a day in their life and make it so freaking funny. Some of you share your pain with the world and look to my blog as a possible escape from that pain. Some of you are just sick puppies that have loose screws. And some of you are just funny looking. But one thing I love about all of you, is that you are allowing me the opportunity to help you smile if even for a brief moment in your day.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed / read / trolled / hung out / sped by / accidentally tripped / was looking for butt crack (way too many) and found my little blog.

I hope you continue to hang out and laugh with me for the rest of the year. I’m curious to see how the next few months will play out and how much more I will learn, not only about myself, but about you. Not only have I enjoyed sharing my laughs, but I have loved what I have learned about all of you. It is never easy sharing our lives with others, but if we can help others by sharing our ideas, thoughts, lives, laughter, etc then it is worth it.

If I make just one person smile or laugh, especially when they are in pain or need of a distraction, then my blog obsession in 2012 will be worth it.

I am who I am. A natural ham. Said Sam I am.  (umm, how did that sneak in there?)

Anyways, I’m done with my semi serious post. I’ve had a blast the first 1/3 of the year and I look forward to more laughs together in 2012 and beyond!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

OMG This is an AWESOME Post!

It hit me in the middle of the night.

Came to me like a flash.


I was going to share the most awesome post today to my loyal readers.

I guess the non-loyal, just passing by folks as well.

But I knew it was going to have to be awesome!

I couldn’t believe it when the inspiration happened.

I just smiled so big knowing how much you all would love it!!

Ok, I’m just rambling now and I know you are dying to see it….

Drum Roll Please….

Anticipation is killing you I bet….

I Present you the Most Awesome Post!

Isn’t it just awesome?

I bet you can’t imagine your life without it!

Look at all the creative things you can use this post for

You can give you car a new look

You can redo your office

Change you wallpaper at home

Provide directions to others

Create a fame wall

Isn’t it all awesome? I bet you want to run out and get some!


I know what some of you are thinking…

You are a little disappointed.

You were really, really hoping that this was going to be the most awesome post ever!

And for some of you, it probably is.


I hope you enjoyed this OMG Post moment

I now return you to the other boring posts you will view today

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Pull Up Your Freaking Pants!

I’m the type of person that lets most things roll off their back. I’m like a duck. Whatever. People want to dress like fools walking in Walmart then so be it. Without them I wouldn’t get one of my favorite spam emails.

But one thing i find very disrespectful is this whole concept that your pants must be under your ass or hanging on your crotch.

Saggy AssThey are pants for a reason. To cover your ass, your crotch and legs. If you want your ass hanging out then just wear some leg warmers.

What is the point? If you have to walk around holding up your pants it seems like a pain in the butt to me. And if someone starts chasing you, its not like you can out run them without tripping.

I came across this picture and it does explain what might be going on under those long white t-shirts that I originally thought were just because these guys had really long torsos.

Now it makes sense, they are two little people giving piggy back rides!

Public outcry is happening all over the states. Public  places are now letting it known they will not service those with their pants down. I so am tempted to put this sign up at my store.

pull up your pants

But I know just the person for us to call up and see if he would be the spokesperson for pulling up your pants. 

Jaleel WhiteThen again, maybe it was this image that caused the whole sagging thing to start….hmmm


I Bring You Mr Pants Down   <<<~~~ check out this rant I did last year (don’t worry, it’s short)    😀

~~~~~~~~ Till we laugh again~~~~~~~

I Swear! That is my REAL Name…

If you are like me, you have a special attachment to your name. I’m proud of my name. My name stands for ME. I hear my name and it is who I am. There is only one me. I would never change my name. For anyone. Period. In my world, my name represents who I am at any given moment.My name isn’t just a name… it is me.

My name is Tammy. Not Tamara. I don’t have a problem with the name Tamara. One of my best friends is named Tamara. I know two Tamaras as a matter of fact. But my name isn’t Tamara. It’s T A M M Y. Also, not Tami or Tammi. Once again, I’m fine with those spellings. It is who they are. Just not me.

My mother named me after the movie from the 60’s Tammy and the Bachelor. And yes, many an older man has sung the song to me through the years. Definitely creepy when I was in my teens and early 20s.

Ok, now with that said. I have a great story to share. I’ve told this story many times and people think it is hilarious. And it is 100% true.


It was around 1994, I was a 27/28-year-old Store Manager for Home Depot. One night while working late, the phone operator popped his head in my office and said that I was going to love this call. A woman was on the phone, freaking out and wanted to speak to THEE Store Manager.

I told him no problem, just shoot her over. He said you might regret it, then laughed as he left to go transfer the call.

Here is what happened next…

ME: Hi, this is Tammy how can I help you?

CRAZY LADY: Who is this? (with a mean tone)

ME: This is Tammy, how can I help you?

CRAZY LADY: I want to speak to the Store Manager! (even more irritated)

ME: Ma’am, my name is Tammy and I’m the Store Manager how can I help you? (trying to stay as nice as I can)

CRAZY LADY: You can’t be the store manager! I want to speak to the store manager!

ME: Ma’am, I promise you I am the store manager, how can I help you tonight? (now I’m starting to laugh inside)

CRAZY LADY: What is your name again?

ME: Ma’am, my name is Tammy, what can I do for you?

CRAZY LADY: That isn’t your name! What is your real name?

ME: Ma’am, my real name is Tammy how can I help you?

CRAZY LADY: WHAT IS THE NAME ON YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!? (she punctuates each syllable in case I’m a little slow)

ME: (now a little irritated) Ma’am, my name is Tammy Adams and that is what is on my birth certificate. How can I help you today?

CRAZY LADY: Well you need to change it!

ME: (ok, I bite) Ma’am, why should I change it?

CRAZY LADY: No man is going to take you seriously with a name like that.

ME: (oh no you didn’t) Ma’am, I’ll keep that in mind, what can I do for you today? (before I say something I regret)

CRAZY LADY: You know, some people think I’m crazy, (some????) but I actually have an above average IQ. (you don’t say)

ME: That’s great, so ma’am what can I do for you today?

Twenty minutes into the call I learned she had a concern with the relocation of the store we were just starting. She felt the construction folks were about to create a massive catastrophe with the way they were building the berm for the dirt walls. I wont bore you with the rest of the story. But let’s just say this is how it ended….

CRAZY LADY: You know, you really should change your name.

ME: Yes ma’am, I’ll keep that in mind….

100% True Story – I Pinky Swear


Thank you crazy lady, for giving me one of the best stories I get to tell through the years. And maybe, just maybe, this phone call helped reinforce my passion for what my name is.

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Ah To Be A Sleeping Animal

Ok, those horses made ma laugh, so here are a few other cute sleeping critters….

Maybe he had a full tummy from eating the mouse

Nature’s Hammock

Damn, that was some party!

I Love when Mom let’s us camp out in the living room

We all sleep better with our favorite stuffed animal

I’ll regret hibernating in this spot, I just know it

How did I get in this mess? Oh well, for now we sleep

Tomorrow, I have a great story to tell. You will definitely want to check it out. And I promise it has real words and a real story, not some trick I pull on you.


One from my past that I love telling as it was that crazy.

~~~till we laugh again~~~

The Suspense is Over…

Yesterday I asked “How do you keep a blog reader in suspense?”


I guess I better have something good at the end of that rainbow. Yet here I sit with nothing. Yep, nada, ziltch, zero….

Maybe I worked too hard yesterday. It was a long one. Plus having to use my brain too much.

Then to make matters worse, I had to get up early today. The cable guy is coming over to do some “free” upgrade thingy on Direct TV Dish and one of my TVs. Yahoo, I’m finally going to have HD on at least one TV.

But in typical fashion, I took the 8am to noon slot so I could be at work by 2pm. Being that we live in the middle of no where, usually we luck out and get to be first on most plans of attack. I guess not today. I wake up early so I can shower.  I so wanted to close my eyes and go back to sleep in my chair. But noooo, I fight it.

Yet my dogs taunt me by sleeping on their pillows in front of me. I’m so jealous!

garfield sleeping pillow

But here I sit, 3 hours later and still no cable guy. I wonder if he knows he has exactly 50 minutes to get his happy butt here? The only thing in his favor is when he goes under the house, it isn’t going to be 95 degrees today.

Ok, I’m just rambling. I wont bore you any more. This post is making me sleepier. Maybe if I close my eyes he will show up. That is exactly what would happen.

Ok, I’ll probably be back later with a better post. But no promises. I don’t want to keep putting you in suspense.   😀

Oh, before I go. Here is a cute picture I found while looking for some sleeping ones. Thought you might get a little laugh.


~~~till we laugh again~~~

A Quick Question for You

Ok, I’ve got a crazy busy day today but wanted to at least submit my funny for the day…

Today will be quick so don’t miss it…

I have a quick question for you…


How Do You Keep a Blog Reader in Suspense?


Scroll Down Slowly….









Keep Going….








Breathe….Fill the lungs…Keep going…







Did you pack your lunch?… Keep going….












Check Back tomorrow….



~~~~till we laugh again~~~~

Are You Taking the Challenge? These Might Help

So earlier today I challenged all my readers to make some laugh today

—->   The Laughter Challenge.  


Sounds like many, if not most of you were up for the challenge. We are almost half way through the 24 hour period so if you haven’t done it yet…..There is still plenty of time!

The baby pictures on that post were a hit, so I thought I’d add a few more here to help amp you up for the challenge. However if you don’t like babies, maybe not so much.  But keep reading anyways since i know you will like something.

So, let’s get to laughing! (I’ll settle for smiling too)   😀

Rut Ro.. I think I found something in my diaper

Dude! I so can smell it!

Oh, is that what that was??

Yea dude, I thought something was ripe

I’m not quite sure why all of you are laughing

Ok everyone, let’s go laugh!

~~~till we laugh again~~~

The Laughter Challenge ~~ Will You Join Me?

Yesterday on Facebook someone posted this saying….

And it really does sum up my theory on life.

Deep down we all want to laugh. But for many, they are afraid to laugh. If they laugh, they have to let go of their pain for just a moment. And if their pain is their security blanket, it makes them vulnerable if even for a split second.

But, being the butt I am, I will work hard to show them that split second of happiness.

So my challenge to each of you today is that for the next 24 hours you try to be the beacon of light, that tempter of laughter.

Yep, our goal is to help others find their smile, find that small moment of laughter. Be the person who gives them that smile that might just get them through their day.

baby smile

So my little soldiers… let’s get going…I don’t care if you do it via your blog, your Facebook, in person.

The ONLY rule is, you have to commit to lighting someone up if even for a second. And in return, I guarantee your heart will become full in return.

So Lets Go Make Someone Laugh!

By the way My Soldiers of Laughter ~~ Feel free to reblog, share, like, hit all the buttons you can to help pass along this challenge to as many people as we can…  😀

And if you are reading this in the future…the cool thing is..This doesn’t have an expiration date

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Today Fall Came in Arizona ~ April 23rd

fall I bet it seems odd to think about fall coming when it is 101 degrees at 5pm but today it did.

Many of you probably experience the changing of the leaves and the joy of raking them up. Here in Arizona, plants, bushes and trees have learned to survive without water so we usually don’t deal with this fun chore often delegated to the munchkins (children) in your life since we really have no leaves on most of our trees.

However today, Fall came. Yep, Fall arrived on April 23rd.

We have a tree called a Paloverde tree whose small leaves turn bright yellow in the spring. And I guess the past couple of days of 100+ degrees was just too much for them to handle. Today they decided to make a break from it and spread their yellow love across parking lots every where.


Fall in April


These little yellow suckers are all over the pavement, cars, islands, you name it, of the shopping center. A sea of yellow every where.

Only we don’t have to rake them.

Nope, the breeze just carries them away over the next few days. I’m thinking New Mexico will be yellow by next Tuesday when they all arrive there.

Today, this sight put a smile on my face and I hope it gives you a small one as well as I bring you the Arizona version of Fall in 101 degrees.


~~~till we laugh again~~~




Might Be Quicker Just to Blow it Up

blow it upI must confess something. I didn’t mean for it to get so bad. I really didn’t. But it did. But I do have an excuse, reason.

My home office has seen better days. Just none in the past 3 years.

I’m not a neat nick. I’m not even going to try to lie. I have to many friends and family that would out me as a liar. I’m not a filthy pig either, I’m just not the “everything has a perfect home” kind of person. My labels at home don’t all face the same way. My desk might be cluttered but I know where everything is and that is all that matters. (Oddly though, my computer folders are extremely organized – Go figure)

One of the bloggers I follow, Candy over at Finding Order in Chaos, is all about helping you organize yourself. I’m a lost cause but I still like to dream and hey, she is extremely interesting. Check her out.

So I got to thinking how disappointed in me she would be if she ever saw my home office. Before I show the “wow” picture and you all run screaming, let me explain. I have not used this room in over 3 years. Not that it was perfect before, but it wasn’t this bad. It now has become a dump and run. Ok, let me just rip off the band-aid and show you the damage….

What a mess
This is nothing....


Office mess
What the Heck Happened?!

If you stuck through the horror of those two pictures it is good to know you didn’t pass out…..Except maybe Candy…..

Yep, when I left HD I just dropped my stuff off on a Friday and took over the BR on a Monday… Looks like it is all right where I left it….

My HD stuff... 3 years of dust....I got the PomPom on my last day...Long story...

There is more, but even I can’t bring myself to show the rest of the horror….



The good news is I’ve decided to tackle the project. My problem is, I work everyday.  So it’s not like I have a day I can dedicate to it. So, my mission is to deal with at least 5 items per day.  At my calculation that should have it cleaned up my October 3rd, 2015.

Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day (so I’m told – I wasn’t there).

When I was a kid and had to clean my room, my tactic was to toss everything I could find on my bed. This way the floor looked awesome and I felt like I accomplished something. I still use that theory to this day. (only I will try to not toss it all back on the floor when I get tired of cleaning).

Want to see my progress?

Is that carpet I see???

Impressive huh? Someone give Candy the smelling salt so she can be impressed too!

Well, I’m trying. And that is more than I was doing a year ago. So keep your fingers crossed (as we learned in a previous post I can’t)

I might just get this mess cleaned up prior to October 2015. I’m thinking definitely before the world ending in December 2012. After all, I wouldn’t want to leave a mess for my going away party.

By the way, don’t even call me a hoarder. I will not have a panic dealing with this junk. My panic attack will only come BECAUSE I have to deal with this junk.  



~~~till we laugh again~~~