Angry Birds Space ~~ Darn You Rovio! I Didn’t Want to Do It!

Well, I managed to hold out two whole days. I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to hold my ground in protest over the new Angry Birds Space being $2.99 vs Free like all the other versions of the past. But I caved today.

Before I explain my lack of will power, let me explain why I was holding out. As you know, Angry Birds is the King of all apps on iTunes or Android. You haven’t lived till you have played it. We all get addicted some time. Even those that swear they will not. Swear that they will never touch the fowl thing. (slight pun, crack myself up). But one by one over the last few years a gazillion of us got the bug. (or bird/pig in this case).

There are crazy diehards and semi diehards. I’m not a diehard but I’ll confess to the semi version as yes I have Original, Seasons & Rio. And yes I did have moments of addiction to achieve the 3 star levels (thank you for your assistance on those tough ones)

I was excited that there was going to be a brand new game and not just new levels. After all, how could they improve on the original? Knowing these folks, it was going to be out of this world! (still laughing at my silly puns)

Then March 22 came and it was time. I went to my iTunes and almost died. $2.99!! What???!! Ok, it’s not that I’m cheap. But what a shock when normally you get to try them for Free and then sucker me in for money later once I’m addicted after even one level. I would have caved easily after that first level, drooling for more.But noooooo, now I have to pay to see if I even will like it. So I stood my ground.

Then today, the stretched tether of my will power snapped. After looking at it each day hoping Rovio had come to their senses only to be disappointed. Then, the moment happened. I didn’t mean for it to. It just did. It was over in a matter of minutes.

One of my guys here at the store asked if I had played it yet (we have an Angry Birds bond over the years). When I said no, I was holding out, he just had to tease me like a giant cupcake on a diet. He gave me his phone and brought up level 1. It’s all it took. Level one became level 2, then 3. Next thing you know, I marched into my office pulled up my iTunes and that was all she wrote. My pocket was now $2.99 lighter and my addiction that had been put at bay was boiling up again.

It’s amazing I’m writing this blog right now vs playing. You lucky readers I made my priority. But in a few hours, when I’m sitting at home with my feet up. I will not be looking at how many of you are amazed by this blog. I’ll miss my 5,000th view that I’ve waited months for. Just like my speedometer when it flips over when I’m not looking after watching it for the last 333 miles. No, I’ll be working my way through Space until the wee hours.


PS. So far it looks like it might be worth it if you are an Angry Bird Lemming too.

~~~till we laugh again~~~

20120324-211108.jpgYahoo!  I got to see it ! It was a fluke. Lol