Our Cars / Trucks Have Something to Tell Us

So I pull into my favorite place (Quick Trip ~ QT as we fans call it) for some gas. I pull up behind this little blue & white Mini Cooper. As I’m putting the handle into my truck, I gaze over at the back of the Mini Cooper and start busting up laughing.

On the back of his window is a sticker running across the top that just says….ACTUAL SIZE

Now, I’m not sure about you, but that is funny. When I mentioned to the guy I liked his sticker, he smiled and said, “Thank you, not many people get it.”

As I drove off, I started wondering what other unique witty stickers / plates / etc might be out there. So I went online and did some research for all of our amusement. Here are a few of the ones I found…

  • Smart CarsMy Car is Smarter than Your Car  or My Ass isn’t the Only Thing Smart
  • Mustangs Giddy Up!
  • HummerMy Wife Gave Me This Hummer
  • ViperMy Viper ate your Cobra
  • PriusI Ran Out of Gas
  • HearstPeople are Dying for a Ride
  • VW BugSlug Em First!
  • Pinto FIRE!

I’m sure there are tons of other ones. But trust me, these suckers are hard to find. I thought it would be an easy Google search but nooooo…

However while looking for these I found tons of awesome bumper stickers that would have been funny also. Maybe another day. After all I do have 366 days to fill so you never know.    😀

OK, I have to get ready to go scoop some ice cream…. so I best hop in the shower  (Right now my new readers are wondering why I have to shower before getting a bowl of ice cream…. LOL) Sorry that thought made me laugh…

~~~till we laugh again~~~