People Trying to Ruin My Day

Some days the biggest laughs you will get are due to the interesting / frustrating / stupid things other people do.   😀

Take my morning today. Within an hour I had several different situations that could have either frustrated the heck out of me, or make me laugh. And to be honest, they did both. I didn’t want to fall down the rabbit hole so I made sure I got my head straight before “creating” a day of further frustration. I’m a firm believer, we get what we predict. If you predict a crappy day,then you will create that crappy day.

Ok, here is a quick snapshot of my trek into the store today….

  1. Got stuck behind a couple driving 35 miles an hour in a 55 zone. Plus I couldn’t go around them.   (ok, so this wasn’t so bad except it lasted this way for what felt like 3 hours)
  2. Then i went to my local McDonalds drive thru for my hash browns and tea. There are two lanes and normally I go in the outside lane. Someone pulled in before me and I thought I’d go to the inside lane cuz surely they were almost done. But noooo, three cars went in my normal lane before I even got to order and I was even next.  Grrrrr
  3. So then I pull to the window and the kid starts to hand me my tea. Tea is literally pouring off the side. Not a little drizzle but a steady stream. I look at him in amazement at his obliviousness of the situation. And when I ask him for a napkin to wipe the sides down he looks at me like I asked him for his phone number (as in shocked that I would want his teenage butt)
  4. Then after pulling out I go to take a drink and of course it spills all down me.
  5. When I get to my store the phone is ringing and when I answer it a customer starts rattling off a cake order. She got mad when I asked her to hold on a moment as I had just walked in and needed to grab my order book. Then didn’t want to listen to what I was asking  she just kept saying what she wanted even though I was long past that part and asking new questions. (this conversation was much more frustrating but I try and not bash customers on here. Let’s just say the brick wall  listens better)  Lol

At this point and after venting to my sister and a friend, I was determined to end this fun. I was not going to have a crappy day. No matter the conspiracy going on.

Attitude adjustment in check and I was good to go” and guess what? It worked. No more stupidity in my day – besides my own).     🙂

Moral of the story…..

You control your attitude when they can’t control their stupidity

Second moral….

Never try and type a blog post on your iPad !   It’s slow and takes forever!  Lol


~~~till we laugh again~~~~