Food’s Not Good Unless It’s All Over Your Face

Ever notice that when kids eat stuff they like, it tends to be all over their faces? On one hand as a parent, you are mortified or afraid of what others will think. However, if it isn’t your kid, then it is pretty freaking hilarious.

For example, my nephew loves food. No, L-O-V-E-S food. He will shovel it in like there is no tomorrow and when he is done, about 10% is still on his face and ready for seconds. I’m always telling him to wipe his mouth or slow down and get it in the hole. Some days I just roll my eyes but most of the time, I’m just on him about it. See, not so funny.

But yet, here at my store or when out in public, I see kids wearing their food all the time. Then it is just cute as heck. We have some flavors that just are magnets for the face (Chocolate or Wild N Reckless). I must admit, I find it hilarious. They manage to get ice cream in places you just wonder how they did it.. (ear anyone??)

My Nephew LOVES Food

Have you ever been to a buffet with a kid? Same thing, food all over them. That same nephew loves all you can eat crab legs. By the end of it all, he has more crab juice and butter on his face and hands then what made it in his tummy. (By the way, this picture was only 1 1/2 years ago, now he’s grown another 1 1/2 feet – must be the food)

Heck, Carl’s JR even made fun of their burgers for years. Remember – “If it’s not on your face…”  Condiments dripping all over your chin. Pretty funny.

Now that I think of it, maybe when it is our kid it’s not so much the embarrassment as it is the thought of them touching us. Or worse, touching our car seats. So without that additional pressure it becomes funny.

Then again, there are times when it is funny and our kid. Think about their first birthday were we actually encourage it by giving them a slice to eat on their own with no fork or spoon. Or maybe that first bowl of spaghetti Os.

Well, no matter how it gets there one thing is for certain. They enjoyed every minute of eating it. If you don’t believe me, just look how big that smile is and how proud they are.

And when they smile, You can’t help but smile.



~~~till we laugh again~~~