The Penguin Collection – Proof of Invasion

Ok, many of you asked for it. (At least in my head) so I thought I’d post some pictures of the Penguin Invasion I have. Now, before I show these pictures, it is important to note that what you may see may shock you. They might not be good for those of faint of heart.

I live in the middle of no where and there is a lot of dust. And to be honest, most of these suckers reside and party in my home office that I rarely use lately due to working out my office at my store. So some of these party animals have been rolling around in the dust, strolling over to other shelves to hang out with their friends in the second story (even though I made it very clear they weren’t allowed to go to their friends house when I wasn’t home and they were done with their homework). When will they learn to just sit at home playing video games like all the other children out there?

So if you are thinking of calling Penguin Protection Services, trust me, they are well taken care of, just a little rambunctious.

Now that my required legal disclosures are out of the way, time to stroll through some random shots I took via my phone. No professional photographer here (gosh knows there are tons of you already on WordPress and I’d hate to take up someones spot)  😉

First off we have the well behaved sophisticated group that is too good to hang out with the party kids

Here is the paper mache (however you spell that darn word) that my sister made me a long time ago

(you know you are admiring the sign behind his head too)

Then we have some of the Christmas Bunch (only a few as the others are protecting the Christmas ornaments from the Grinch

Then we have “The Bouncer” he babysits the rowdy ones when I’m gone

(yes, he really is 2 ft tall – don’t be jealous)

Then we have the good children, that aren’t cool enough for the glass cabinet but well behaved for their own shelf

(some look stuck up with their noses in the air tho)

And finally, the group you have all been waiting for, the rowdy, out of control children that are the life of the shelf party

(the one in the rain coat just got in from Seattle where he was visiting)

Ok, there you have it. Just a little glimpse into the Penguin habitat in Arizona I have built. Hope these pictures gave you a good laugh, smile or chuckle. If they did, then I did my job well.

~~~till we laugh again~~~