Random Facts – Checking off My List

Yesterday I shared the good news of my first nominations. (Yippee Me!) And I promised to fulfill my obligations last night. (I failed). I had a crazy busy day and never got around to it. And technically I have a boat load to do right now, but thought I’d sneak off and do this instead.

Let’s be honest, those that know me know that I’m terrible at following rules. I always feel my way is better. So I’m pretty sure I will not follow the rules I was given. At least not as they were written. But two items I want to do that they all have in common is share some random facts about myself and share the love or pay it forward.

Random Facts

Hmm, I’m pretty sure I  blog about many random facts about myself. Matter of fact, most of my posts make fun of my random quirks I have. Let’s see, I’ve already shared…

  • I hate – no ABHOR Peas   
  • I hate looking into eyeballs
  • I drive a pink truck and ride an orange bike
    • The funny thing about the above one is…I hate pink
  • I’m an optimistic sarcastic  – meaning I’m positive I’m thinking something sarcastic at any given moment yet I believe in positive thinking
  • I hate seafood
  • Check out any of my previous blogs for more details on any of the above  – 😀

Hmm, lot of hating going on up in that list.  So, to counter act….

  • I LOVE to laugh
  • I love to make others laugh
  • I love to find humor in almost anything that occurs and will laugh at the wrong moments
  • I love my dogs Bingo, Tia and strongly like the neighbor’s dog Nahla that thinks she mine
  • I love helping others see and believe in themselves
  • I love to teach / coach / mentor – I get my “high” off of helping others discover their potential
  • I love being unique, I love being weird and I love being left handed which is both
  • Oh, and I love my family – even though they are all whacked    😀


Now I can check that off my list of to do….

Keep checking back and I promise to keep using my everyday life and quirks to entertain you.

Ohhh, and in the next day or two I promise to nominate some folks for the awards so I keep passing them along. It’s like the Blogging World’s Chain Letter only without the bad luck attached – just the guilt of not doing it.   😀


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Meryl Streep – I’m Coming After You!

As we all begin our blogging journey, we wonder if anyone will read. We wonder if what we have to say is even worth others reading. Slowly but surely (if we try) we start to explore other people’s blogs and then they begin to discover ours. And soon, we begin to develop a “following” of folks that like what they see.

One item that catches your eye early in your seeking out new bloggers are these “Blogging Awards” or nominations for the award rather. A nomination with no vote in the end, so that part always makes me laugh. Or is there? People vote with their clicker. They see your site and hopefully visit. These awards are a way of saying – Darn I liked what you said and everyone should know about you!

Secretly, we all want to be nominated. Sure it would bring you new readers, but the fact that someone reaches out and says they loved what you are doing adds pep to our step. Isn’t one of our basic needs to feel appreciated?

So, even if you are one of the rare people that could take or leave the nomination, just know that by you passing it along, you are making someone else’s day. Maybe giving them the inspiration to write more, write more often, or even have confidence that what they are saying matters.


Now with that said, I’d like to thank No Sugar, Just Spice for nominating me for not one but four awards! Oh my. So much love should have a warning label on it. These nominations I will always remember as they were my first (hopefully first of many – as I’ve stated before I’m an over achiever and really need that recognition)   😉

I’m so confident that I will make people laugh (even if just once) that I felt the need to dedicate an entire wall (page) to the plethora of awards I hope to obtain. I’m hoping my penguin collection will need to be pushed aside to make even more room.

So, feel free to make me the Meryl Streep of Blogging Nominations.


February 2012 – Nominated by No Sugar, Just Spice – Link to Acceptance —> (Coming Later Today Hopefully)

                    (Hey, took forever to write this – don’t hate) 😀


Awards Nominated for: Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award, The Sunshine Award, The Candle Lighter Award & The Liebster Award



This Spot kept dusted and saved for next nomination – please do not place your mug here…

I’m Pretty Sure American Idol, The Voice or X Factor Will Not Be Calling

I love to sing while driving in my truck. When I’m traveling down the road I can sing any song by any singer. Perfect pitch, perfect tone and I have the “it” factor. Forget Celine Dion or Mariah Cary, I have a better eight octave voice. And Adelle, she ain’t got anything on me.

The problem is, the minute I step out of the pink truck, my magical voice sounds more like Elmer Fudd. Ok, maybe not that bad but I’m pretty sure dogs are howling somewhere.

Why is it, in our own minds we are awesome and yet others tell us to “keep our day jobs”?

Take my sister. She sings in a very high pitch. People tell her she is a great singer. Me, my ears bleed. (sorry sis, but you know I’ve always teased you on this).

Music tastes is so subjective anyways. Why else do we get mad watching American Idol, The Voice or X Factor when people we love – the judges dismiss? We all have wondered at least once or twice what they heard cuz that person was awesome. Then others we hate and they love.

For example, I’m watching The Voice as I type this. These two dudes are singing and I’m totally hating it. Yet CeeLo loves them. Then the kid prior was great and no one turned around. Craziness.

On American Idol, some people only tune in for the first episodes to see the “bad” people. Personally I hate those episodes. I hate listening to bad singers. I’m ok with them making fun of them. After all I love me some good humor. But honestly, if I wanted to hear bad singing I’d listen to people in their showers.

Hmm, on second thought, maybe I should stick to listening to people in their cars cuz listening to them in the shower might lead to some Peeping Tom charges against me. A silly way to get a infamous mug shot on the internet if you ask me.

Oh well…

I’ll keep singing in the pink truck and I’m pretty sure the people driving by will wonder what awesomeness they are missing. Either that or they are only pointing and laughing at the sight I must be.


~~till we laugh again~~~

What Would Your Mailbox Be?

So it’s been a long day and my brain is fried. So as funny as I tried to think on my drive home, nothing. Nada, Ziltch.

Then, for some odd reason the word mailbox came to mind. So with mailboxes as my inspiration, I thought I’d surf the web and find some unique and interesting ones to share and hope one of them brings a smile to your face. I know they did mine.

I needed this one when I worked at Home Depot

You might be a redneck if your microwave doubles as your mailbox

Now this is a lobster lover

I’m pretty sure no one will be stealing their mail

I’m pretty sure my arm would only last 3 1/2 minutes

Makes you laugh and freaks you out at the same time

I hate when aliens still my cows

Can you image the first time the mailman had to stick his hand in here?

Further proof of our butt crack epidemic

Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Food’s Not Good Unless It’s All Over Your Face

Ever notice that when kids eat stuff they like, it tends to be all over their faces? On one hand as a parent, you are mortified or afraid of what others will think. However, if it isn’t your kid, then it is pretty freaking hilarious.

For example, my nephew loves food. No, L-O-V-E-S food. He will shovel it in like there is no tomorrow and when he is done, about 10% is still on his face and ready for seconds. I’m always telling him to wipe his mouth or slow down and get it in the hole. Some days I just roll my eyes but most of the time, I’m just on him about it. See, not so funny.

But yet, here at my store or when out in public, I see kids wearing their food all the time. Then it is just cute as heck. We have some flavors that just are magnets for the face (Chocolate or Wild N Reckless). I must admit, I find it hilarious. They manage to get ice cream in places you just wonder how they did it.. (ear anyone??)

My Nephew LOVES Food

Have you ever been to a buffet with a kid? Same thing, food all over them. That same nephew loves all you can eat crab legs. By the end of it all, he has more crab juice and butter on his face and hands then what made it in his tummy. (By the way, this picture was only 1 1/2 years ago, now he’s grown another 1 1/2 feet – must be the food)

Heck, Carl’s JR even made fun of their burgers for years. Remember – “If it’s not on your face…”  Condiments dripping all over your chin. Pretty funny.

Now that I think of it, maybe when it is our kid it’s not so much the embarrassment as it is the thought of them touching us. Or worse, touching our car seats. So without that additional pressure it becomes funny.

Then again, there are times when it is funny and our kid. Think about their first birthday were we actually encourage it by giving them a slice to eat on their own with no fork or spoon. Or maybe that first bowl of spaghetti Os.

Well, no matter how it gets there one thing is for certain. They enjoyed every minute of eating it. If you don’t believe me, just look how big that smile is and how proud they are.

And when they smile, You can’t help but smile.



~~~till we laugh again~~~

Life is Full of Obstacles – Get Over It :D

I love Motivational Posters. But I also love De-motivational posters.

You will find I will use both as the year progress, but I think the De-Motivational ones are the sarcastic wit we all possess. For some of you that feel you aren’t sarcastic, you do have it in you, that is why you laugh at them. For those of us that are sarcastic, they just say what we already know.

But behind this sarcastic wit of mine, I really deep in my heart believe that we can overcome anything that is thrown at us. You see, I’m a rare combination of Optimistic Sarcastic verses the Pessimistic Sarcastic kind. Odd combo I know.

I see the world for all it’s faults. I have the ability though to appreciate the stupidity in the world. I can laugh at the bad and hopelessness that we have at times.

But I also have the ability to believe in those around me. And the power each of us has within.

Take Obstacles for example. Life is full of them. Many people define themselves by the obstacles they face. They make excuses as to why they have made the choices they have or why they can’t achieve what they are capable of.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes people go through hell. More hell than anyone person deserves. But why is it that two people can go through the same situation yet one will come out stronger than ever and the other will come out weaker?

I don’t profess to have the answers, but I do know from all that I have studied, the key is attitude.

Like I have shared before. When life hits you hard, find ways to laugh. Even a half hearted laugh is better than none. 

Couple that with a belief in yourself and you can push through.

Here is the sad part. Re-Read that line in Red. Go ahead, I’ll wait a second…….

Ok, most of you will read that line and think one of two things

A) You are so right. It sucks in the moment but I know I will survive this too

the rest of you will think (like the de-motivational poster above)

B) Easy for you to say. My life sucks and this crap always happens to me and it never gets better. You just don’t understand. 

But I do understand. I have family and friends that are viewers of life like a B person. They think I’m nuts sometimes. But you know what? They will never convince me that their view is better. I can’t imagine spending my life with my heart heavy and hurting 24/7. If that is how they want to go through life, I understand. We all have to make our own choices. But I will always do my part to help those in pain realize there are bright moments in their day and for them to embrace them even if it is for only a few minutes a day.

Yes life is full of obstacles but most of them are to teach us about our life. Some of the others are brought on by our own thoughts and expectations. But that is a post for another day.

Ok, my lecture is over. Our station will now return to it’s normal sarcastic tone….



~~~till we laugh again~~~


After Butt Crack, Where Do I Go?

First off, who would have known how much you all liked reading about butt crack? You are some sick puppies. Ton’s of you just had to read about it.   CRACK IS WHACK, ESPECIALLY BUTT CRACK

Now, the pressure is on. How on earth do top that? Where do I go from here?

Some would say I should continue down hill with this crude sense of humor because obviously one of the best ways to a person’s funny bone is via bodily humor. How else can you explain so many movies that come out that are raunchy and full of toilet humor? Because they know, that no matter how much we protest, it is like a car wreck, we just can’t help but watch. Oh sure you can say you don’t, but trust me, we all see you looking through your open fingers as you pretend not to.

Yet, I don’t want to be defined by my butt crack cracks. No, I want to show a whole range of humor.

But even I realize I could milk this one for two posts. I might be funny but I’m not stupid.   😀


~~~till we laugh again~~~




Crack is Whack, Especially Butt Crack


When did it become OK for people other than plumbers to show their butt crack? I’m surprised plumbers everywhere aren’t holding Occupy Butt Cracks across America in protest of others stealing the one thing that made them unique.

I think I’ve seen more butt crack in the past few days than most people see in a life time (except for those living in a nudist colony of course).

Think about it, are eyes are burned by the “crack” all day long. We have become immune to it. We wont smack our kids on the butt when they misbehave but we will let them be exposed to butt crack.

Some of the butt crack comes from the types of pants that people want to wear today.I think the clothing industry must have adopted the practices we are seeing in our grocery stores now a days. Think about it, boxes of cereal, ice cream, etc are getting smaller even though the prices are getting higher. These clothing manufacturers must be cutting back on the amount of material that goes into the butt portion of the pants we are wearing. It’s not these folks’ problem they are showing crack, it’s Levi’s and Gaps.

Belts must be smaller, guys can no longer either afford them or the belts are only big enough to go around their legs vs their tummy. And what is this “skinny” jeans on guys? How these dudes even get them to go over their junk is amazing. However the minute they bend over, out comes the crack of dawn.

Ladies, I’m not sure why you are laughing right now. First off, those of you wearing your thong up your crack. If you find the need to dental floss between your cheeks, then more power to you on your hygiene . However, I’m pretty sure the rest of us are not interested in watching you swallow up that string.

The biggest contributor to butt crack exposure? Chairs. Yep, a simple innocuous item is the cause of many burning eyes. It works like this…

Person with pants to short, shirt to short, sits down. Back of chair rides up shirt, butt pulls down pants – WHA-LA! INSTANT BUTT CRACK!

And, don’t even get me started on how not all butt crack is created equal.

Well, I think I have proven my point. There is butt crack everywhere. So unless people are going to start using this exposed area as a new holding area for cell phones, credit cards, pens, etc, I think we need to start putting them back where they belong. With the plumbers. Let’s give them back their most identifying calling card.


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Talking To Yourself?

Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself? Not the kind where you are the only one in the room and you really are talking to yourself. But the kind where you are looking at a person, speaking to them, finish the conversation, they nod then forget the entire conversation – type of talking to yourself?

First off, I know I am guilty of this at times. But normally it is due to someone just talking to get stuff off their chest and not really wanting me to memorize what they are saying. Or maybe it is my mom doing her daily rant on the phone and on my end all you hear is “uh huh”. (sorry mom, but you know I do this). I’ve been known to hang up the phone and not remember what the hour conversation consisted of. Not because I didn’t care, because I do, but really because it wasn’t the type of stuff I needed to recall in 15 min.

I’m referring to the type  of talking to yourself when you have told someone about 85 million times how to do something or not to do something but they act like it is the first time you have ever had this conversation. I get this all the time with the kids I work with. Maybe it is a teenager / young adult mentality. But I know better. I had this problem in previous jobs too with so called adults.

Tonight for example, I asked if something was done twice and was told yes (two different people). Then when I pointed out later that it still wasn’t completed (it was half done), I was told A) that that isn’t what I asked (I did for the record) and B) I explained for 2 years I’ve said it needed to be done by a certain time (which it wasn’t). I got a strange look like this was new. Which it wasn’t. I say it every single day.Everyday it seems to be a surprise. No matter which of these young folks I ask.

Sometimes I wonder if it is a mechanism the body uses of self denial that they couldn’t possibly be doing anything wrong. Because had I told them before, they surely would have rectified the behavior. Silly me thinking that after 2 years of me telling you to do something a certain way that at some point it just might stick in your noggin.

Then again, it also happens when I’m speaking directly to them and they turn away mid conversation and start doing something. I’m like, HEY, I”M STILL TALKING TO YOU.  They act like they are listening (which they aren’t). So I stop mid sentence and say – “Then what did I just say”. This is usually 40/60. Yep, 40% of the time they will shock me and at least heard part of what I said. (the part usually before they turned away from me). And even then, it will still be missing the key parts of the story/lecture/direction.

I’m not sure if this will ever change. I guess I’ll just have to keep talking to myself. It’s not like I have anything important to say. I’m just the one in charge. I think

Must be Karma. I really should listen to my mother more when she is telling me stuff.


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Darn You Sweet Tea!

OK, so I’ve held strong on the no Coca Cola in 2012. I’m not going to lie. It’s been tough. I love that stuff. Some days it is worth rotting out my insides over. Like a person who gave up cigarettes cold turkey, I still crave the monster. But alas, I have held strong.

But I’m thinking I have invited a new monster into my house.

First, a trip down memory lane….

When I was a kid, I loved ice tea. I would make it hot on the stove then add tons of sugar and be in Tea heaven. Then one day I decided to lose weight and realized that all that sugar had to be bad for you. So I learned to drink my tea with no sugar. (some of you gasp at the mere thought). I love it plain. No sugar, no lemon, no fu fu fruity version either. Straight up tea with no sugar substitutes for me.

Now, some places do make a gross tea. Not going to lie. But I can handle the tea at  most places unless it is so bad I have to choke it down.

I’ve been a happy no sugar tea drinker for almost 25 years.

During my old job I had to travel to Atlanta a few times a year and would order tea and not realizing it, would almost spit it out on the first drink. System shocked by the amount of sugar the tea contained. They really should offer warning labels in those restaurants for us westerners. Later I realized to ask in advance. Although, I will admit, the shock of raspberry or some other fruity delight tea is way grosser for the record.

Flash forward to a month ago. I ordered my tea (drink of choice right now since soda is off the list and water gets old after awhile). I drive back to my store only to discover they gave me Sweet Tea instead. Being desperate, I drank the tea. And like any vice we shouldn’t have, my taste buds began to enjoy it after awhile. OH NO!

I’ve been fighting the urge the past few weeks and when I cave in, I’m excited when it is a bad batch (as usually it was).  I am a good girl again in my eyes and just go back to craving my coke.

Then, the unimaginable happened. I stopped at my favorite gas station in the whole world wide world (QuikTrip or QT as us fan’s call it) and as I passed my old favorite hang out spot inside – (the soda machines area with 50 million ways to get your soda fix) I saw in slow motion like in a movie – the section with eight teas available. And what do I zoom in on? You got it, sweetened tea. Oh no!  I grab a taste praying it will be gross. Please be gross, please be gross chanting in my head as the cup goes to my lips.


It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!   Dang you QT!!!!

~~~pause to take a sip – Yep, still great!~~~~

Well, my confession is over. I feel better yet worse. They say the first step in fighting an addiction is to admit you have a problem. I guess this would count.

Don’t hate me. As they say, hate the game not the player. Or in this case, hate the tea not the drinker.

And darn you QT for having the best darn Sweet Tea!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

girl scout cookies

Attacked by the Girl Scouts!

So I head off to the local store for the bi-weekly trek for milk and bananas only to be attacked to purchase some Girl Scout cookies. Three things come to mind….


A)   Only in America do Brownies sell Cookies

Ironic I know – It sounds like a form of food slavery.  Cannibalism & human trafficking come to mind


B)   Why is it the kids don’t really do the attacking I mean selling?

Let’s be real a moment. Selling Girl Scout cookies has become like kids doing their own science projects. The parents do all the work and the kids get the credit.

We are such a competitive society we have forgotten the dual purpose of the event. Raise money for the troops, but to also teach selling skills & increase confidence for our girls. Now it is about raising the most money, making their kids look the best (visions of moms and tiaras). It is more about what the parent can do vs the child.

Think about it, who is selling the cookies at your place of work? The parents.

When I pulled up to the store, I think there were 3 – 4 adults for each kid. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

The kids were talking off to the side, while the parents sat around the table attacking the folks that walked inside.


C)    Isn’t this a form of harassment?

Why must they block the entrance to both door ways? Personally I think they have figured out that if we spot them, we will dash around the cars quickly, hop the speed bump and dive for the door that is not manned. Why not hedge their bets and block both? Darn them! They have figured us out.

Why attack on the way in? Now a person has to get 2 carts. One for the 15 boxes of cookies they were guilted into and one for the groceries they plan to buy. Now they must sheepishly look at the cashier to explain they aren’t trying to steal anything, it really is a box of Thin Mints from outside.

And don’t try and make me feel guilty when I don’t buy any. It’s not going to work. It’s not like they are raising money to feed the hungry. Although, if they had a blind, will work for food, starving banjo playing girl scout out there, I might feel a tinge of guilt when I try and sneak pass by hiding on the other side of the person pushing a cart.


Well, you get the point. This time of year is hazardous for us. Just when we thought were safe from the bell ringing Santas out come the little squirts of multi-badges.

So before you get out of your car, scope out the entrances and plan out your escape route. Otherwise you just might find yourself the proud owner of 50 boxes of Tagalongs – Peanut Butter Patties.


~~~till we laugh again~~~


NO! I do not want to look in your eye!

If you get something in your eye, NO! I will not look in your eye for you. Don’t even ask. I don’t care how much I like you, how much I love you, or if you are my mother. Find someone else. Period.

Just Googling images of eyeballs has made me physically ill.

Did I mention I’m grossed out by eyeballs?

I’m not sure when it happened, but I have a theory. When I was younger my grandmother took us to see a movie called Rabid and during the movie someone’s eyes got gouged out and put in a jar. From that moment on, I don’t want to see an eyeball any closer than arms length and as long as they are in your sockets.

The problem is, when people find out I don’t like them, they are determined to gross me out by showing me their stupid eye tricks. So here is a list of things I don’t want to “see”….

  • DO NOT ask me to look in your eye for an eyelash – I will lie and say I see nothing which really is true because if my eyes are shut when I look, I really did see nothing
  • DO NOT flip your eye lids up – I will guarantee you I will cuss you out like a sailor on shore leave
  • DO NOT pop your eyes out of your sockets – You are a freak of nature and I am pretty sure I will vomit all over you.
  • DO NOT try and trick me either – I will kick your ass (and yes I did swear) and I do mean it.   😀

When I was a senior in high school I took anatomy. I could skin the cat, play with it’s dead carcass for weeks – yet when we watched the video on the eyeball, the moment a giant eyeball popped on screen, I claimed i had to go to the bathroom and didn’t return till the end of class when I knew the video was definitely over.

Once one of my nephews discovered this, he thought he was so freaking funny when he flipped his eyelids up. I wanted to slug him (don’t worry, I never did so no need to call child protective services – although one day you might – just kidding, calm down)

Well, now it is out. I have confessed the one thing that really makes me violent.

I’m grossed out by many things (blood for example) but nothing makes me as violent as someone thinking they are funny with the eyeball stuff. If it wasn’t that movie that damaged my psyche those many years ago, then I’m pretty sure I had a bad experience in a former life that still haunts me. It’s a strange reaction from someone who rarely gets bothered by anything. I let 99.99% of stuff roll off my back like a duck. So it is odd the reaction these essential parts of our anatomy give me.

So, please keep your eyes behind your eyelids and find someone else to help you with that eyelash you got stuck. Cuz it sure will not be me helping you out.   😀

Is there anything that does this to you?


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Parking Lot Wars – Would you watch?

Have you ever watched the TV show Parking Wars? Basically it follow those poor folks that issue parking tickets back east. But I realized today that there is a way better concept. We need Parking Lot Wars.

Hear me out. Today I was driving the Pink Truck to get some milk and bananas and pulled into the local grocery store. Being the nice person I was, I was about to pull into a great spot when I made a silly mistake. I waved the other car on to pass me before turning – only to have them turn at the last minute and swoop into my prime spot.  What the heck?!  Once again, good gal gets burned.

Being in the Pink truck has the disadvantage of never getting mad at potential customers so I just pass by weeping into my shirt sleeve at my loss.

Then the idea hit me. Remember in that one movie where Kathy Bates rams her car into the person who took her spot. (Fried Green Tomatoes I believe). What if hidden cameras were set up in parking lots around towns (Grocery, Walmarts, etc)and captured the fighting that happens between people in parking lot altercations? I’d watch.

Think about these exciting things we could see…

  • People crossing the walkway when cars are coming thinking their carts are an automatic protective device
    • Remember, don’t look the drivers in the eyes or you will have to admit you were wrong to step off the curb
  • Physical violence when people steal other people’s spaces
    • Little old ladies attacking soccer moms with their canes
    • A short woman yelling up at a 6’3″ man
    • Two people screaming in different languages at each other and no one knowing what is being said
      • (although we can assume they are not inviting them out for drinks)
    • Someone in a motorized scooter chasing down the person that took the handicapped spot without a hanging tag in the window
    • Maybe the occasional someone pulling the other person out the car window
    • Yep, road rage on the pavement
  • We can watch the people circling the parking lot for like 30 minutes for the spot up close just so they can sneak in to buy their lottery tickets
  • People pulling into spots with shopping carts blocking them, only to slam them into the other cars around them
    • Or the people who “accidentally” attempt to pull into the one “Fake you out” spot that really isn’t empty but has the cart corral in it
    • Or the ones who are too lazy to walk the two spots over so they put their cart behind someone else’s car
  • People coming out to find the car next to them only gave them 3 inches to try and crawl into their car
  • People backing up, hitting the car behind them, then pulling out as it they didn’t feel the big bang they just did
    • Or backing up over the people walking down past not paying attention to the moving car almost running them over
  • Heck we might even help capture some car jacking thieves due to all the cameras
  • And don’t even get me started on the clothes people go out in public with, imagine that segment


Think of the possibilities….. 

Now some of the “reality” shows are semi set up, what about we put a note on someone’s car saying “Sorry I hit your car, but I had to run”. Then we watch the person flip out? Hmmm, might be on to something.

The more I think of this, I really should send my idea / proposal to TruTV or A&E. I’m starting to think this might work.

What do you think?

Do you have any great parking lot stories?


~~~till we laugh again~~~