Peas! My Mother’s Favorite Torture Tool

Little Balls of Puke

I’m not a fan of green, especially in my food. Maybe I just associate green food with mold. Now, I do like cucumbers and lettuce. Maybe pickles and celery but one thing I absolutely can’t stand is PEAS!

My mother would eat peas everyday of her life if she could. And when I was a kid she would force those little balls of puke on me all the time.

What is my issue with them? Glad you asked. First off they smell. No stink. And once you crack them open the smell is even more overwhelming nausea.  Just the taste of them on my tongue makes me want to puke. Gagging starts almost immediately.

I do thank peas for one thing. If it weren’t for peas, I wouldn’t be able swallow pills. (not drug pills silly, aspirin – oh wait I guess technically that is a drug). I got so good I could eat my peas without ever breaking one on my tongue. Give me a glass of water and I can swallow them whole. But heaven help me when one would crack. Gag reflex engage.

My mom however never believed me. She just thought I was a typical kid not wanting to eat their vegetables. It wasn’t till years later when I was around peas and her and that gag reflex kicked in. She looked at me and said something like, “Oh my god, they really do make you sick!”.   Duhhhhhh

So please, if you invite me over for dinner, please do corn.


~~~Till we laugh again~~~

Little Green Balls of Puke