Best Way to End a Fight? Laugh!

Ever been in the middle of a heated conversation or disagreement (maybe even a full blown fight) and someone does something so unexpected you bust up laughing?  And no matter how hard you try, you just can’t muster up that anger or frustration like you did a few minutes prior.

Oh you know you have. Maybe one of you tooted or someone split their pants. Or tripped over the dog or stubbed their toe. Or maybe something less sinister as flubbing the words in a way that just hit you as funny. One or both of you started to chuckle and you know it.

You see, I’m a firm believer in anger serves us no real purpose. When we are mad we really aren’t listening to the other person. We are in our flight or fight mode. When we are angry many times we end up hurting those we love. And if we are angry at a stranger, the only one who gets hurt is ourselves because we give our power to someone else to control our emotions. So why be angry?

When you find yourself caught up in one of these moments. Find away to break the tension. Laugh. Get the giggles. Sure it will first be irritating to the other person at first, but soon they will also be laughing cuz you will just look to funny. Laughter is contagious.

And once the anger steps out of the way, you two can resolve the situation.

See, laughter cures many things.


~~~~till we laugh again~~~~


Everyone Should Dress Up as a Character Sometime in their Life

For many years my mother worked at a bread store. I was lucky enough to go to work with her a few times and help out. One of these memories was dressing in a giant Snoopy Costume like you see here. I think it was a grand opening or something for a grocery store and all I had to do was wear the costume and roam around. I have three main memories from this.

  1. How hot it was in that darn thing.
  2. The massive neck ache I had from holding my head back against gravity. As you know, Snoopy has one large honker for a nose. And let me tell you, Snoopy is one pain in the neck.
  3. The massive amounts of love you feel when little kids come up and hug you (Snoopy).

Little kids thought I was really Snoopy. They were so happy and giddy. I really understood how the characters at Disney felt.

These memories were dusted off yesterday when I got to “pass along” the fun of looking silly. I borrowed an Ice Cream cone costume to wear on the corner with our sign to help the locals remember we are in town. I’m still amazed that in a tiny town, people still roam in saying they have lived there 2 years and just found us. Did I mention I’m also on the main shopping part of the town that is as long as a block?  Cracks me up.

Anyways, I  was showing the costume to one of my guys and after a few minutes I convinced him to dress up. I laughed my butt off for hours. Not because how he looked (although that was funny enough) but rather from the look on his face that he had to do it. And knowing, he secretly was liking it. One of the other kids put it on today. Same smile but not as much laughter since he willingly did it.

But I will tell you. Something about a silly costume brings out the silliness in all of us. We laugh when we look at others and we become silly in one. Personally I find it funny when I see folks out on the streets in costumes and you can tell how miserable they are. It is funny to see a miserable giant hot dog. LOL.

So next time you drive by someone in a costume have fun with them. Help them have fun. They may not love it, but you know they made you smile.

Peas! My Mother’s Favorite Torture Tool

Little Balls of Puke

I’m not a fan of green, especially in my food. Maybe I just associate green food with mold. Now, I do like cucumbers and lettuce. Maybe pickles and celery but one thing I absolutely can’t stand is PEAS!

My mother would eat peas everyday of her life if she could. And when I was a kid she would force those little balls of puke on me all the time.

What is my issue with them? Glad you asked. First off they smell. No stink. And once you crack them open the smell is even more overwhelming nausea.  Just the taste of them on my tongue makes me want to puke. Gagging starts almost immediately.

I do thank peas for one thing. If it weren’t for peas, I wouldn’t be able swallow pills. (not drug pills silly, aspirin – oh wait I guess technically that is a drug). I got so good I could eat my peas without ever breaking one on my tongue. Give me a glass of water and I can swallow them whole. But heaven help me when one would crack. Gag reflex engage.

My mom however never believed me. She just thought I was a typical kid not wanting to eat their vegetables. It wasn’t till years later when I was around peas and her and that gag reflex kicked in. She looked at me and said something like, “Oh my god, they really do make you sick!”.   Duhhhhhh

So please, if you invite me over for dinner, please do corn.


~~~Till we laugh again~~~

Little Green Balls of Puke

Uhhhh, shouldn’t we all???

Why Only Employees?

For some reason this sign hit me as funny today. I’m not sure why today of all days. Especially since I look at it multiple times a day at my store and most public places have it posted as well. Employees Must Wash Hands.  Why just employees?

Shouldn’t it really say – Hey you! Yes you who just wiped your butt – You MUST wash your hands.

We all have seen it. Person comes out the stall and walks right out the bathroom not even looking at the sink. They didn’t even have to think about it for even a split second. They did their business then off they went.

And guys? You are even worse, shake it off and run out. Just cuz you bounce a little doesn’t mean you are exempt.

Listen, I know it is an inconvenience to spend that extra 30 – 45 seconds washing your hands. Heck, if you don’t use soap you might even get it down to 15 seconds. But at least a little water will flush off (pun intended) some of the left over you have going on.

If you don’t want to wash your hands at home, I’m not going to give you grief. Afterall, it is your home, your castle, your hoarders house.

But when you are at a public place that serves food and I might just touch were you go next….help a girl out. I collect enough germs on my own, I don’t need your assistance collecting more.

I think I figured it out. It’s a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical companies. They know that if we wash our hands more, then less people will be sick and the less cold medicine we we will all take. Or worse, stock shares will plummet due to a decrease in sales of hand sanitizer. (speaking of which, I have some here, let me put some on)…..

Ok, I’m back. Dang that stuff stings when your hands are dry. I must be washing my hands too much lately. ….

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Proof of the Orphaned Rubber Ducky

The Orphaned Rubber Ducky

In my rubber ducky story I ended by saying how the Orphaned Rubber Ducky was being well taken care of by my Golden Goose from a Steven Covey seminar I did. Plus a penguin that can’t be bothered.

Well a picture is worth a thousand words they say so I snapped this picture this morning to show the world how healthy the ducky is today (even though he might be a little dusty – I’m not a big duster – ok, I rarely dust, so lay off me)   😀

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366 Days of Laughter Begins!!

In the after math of last night… street sweepers clean the streets of old confetti or used fireworks, soccer moms clean up empty champagne bottles, dorm rooms are cluttered with beer pong cups and many hangovers begin 2012.

Today we begin a new year. Many folks pushing their New Year’s Resolutions off at least one more day….  “It’s Sunday, I might as well start on a Monday”     (raise your hand, you know the thought crossed your mind).

However, I shall stick to Day 1 of our daily laughs. Hopefully I’ve at least solicited a smile or a chuckle so far.

As promised, I plan on posting one laugh a day (usually more). Not jokes but slices of life that hopefully we all can relate to. At the end of the day, our lives are funny if we look closely. Some of you live your lives as I do, seeing the positive side of things. Refusing to let the crud of our lives dictate who we are. For some of you, life is full of drama that you feel you can not escape from. Hopefully by visiting each day I or my readers can help bring you at least one moment of escape.

For you the reader, I will need your help. Please share what makes you laugh or smile or moments that occurred that you feel others will enjoy. Either here or on the Facebook page I have set up. Let’s make sure 2012 is full of laughter. As you will see, even some of our darkest moments can make us laugh.

So as you say goodbye to 2011, think of the one thing that occurred last night that made made you smile or laugh. It might not have even been alcohol related. Maybe it was the sight of your son falling asleep with only 15 minutes left till midnight because he just couldn’t hang on one more minute. Maybe it was taking your young children onto the street to bang pots and pans to ring in the new year. Whatever that moment was, you smiled and for even a brief moment, you found laughter.


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