Didn’t Know if I Should Cry or Laugh

I’ve written in the past about how laughter helps us get through some tough times. Today, I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh. I choose to laugh. But trust me, there really was nothing to laugh about. But I tried to find the smallest thing to latch on to to help me through the shock.

Let me explain.

Long story short, I had a house I flipped and carried the loan. It was an “as is” home that I bought dirt cheap and could make a small amount on. Mid summer the person stopped paying so I had to foreclose on the house and take it back.

Today, was my first time being able to head to the house and assess the damage so I could put it back on the market again. The windows were boarded up and you could see there must have been a fire from the burn on the some of the rafters. However, from walking around the house, the walls and the roof seemed to be fine from what we could see. So we scratched our head and began to take the plywood off the door. Imagine my surprise to discover, the pictures you are seeing.

OMG were the only words that could come out my mouth. The outside that looked pretty decent, was masking a home that was burnt to a crisp on the inside. Yes, that is the roof missing. The only part of the roof we couldn’t see from the outside. If I wasn’t sure I walked in to the same house you never could convince me.

All I could think was, OMG. What on earth am I going to do? Walking room to room and realizing nothing is salvageable.

This is the point where my handyman and I just started to laugh. I’m sure you are like “huhhhhh???”  Nothing funny here.

You see, this house has a history with him and I. Four years ago I got it dirt cheap. The family that lived in it lost it in foreclosure themselves. They then let the kids run wild and tag the whole house. Graffiti everywhere, ripped out the cabinets, bash the lights so glass everywhere, you name it. So it went to the top 3 of trashed houses that day. Actually our #2. (One day I’ll tell you about our #1 which is now the new #2 as this fire became the new #1 – follow all that?)

Anyways, we just started talking about what we have been through with this house and how it is the gift that keeps on giving. To be honest, the only thing that would have topped this house from the first go around, would have been a fire.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do, as I have several options that I will not bore you with, but the point was I could have taken this situation one of several ways. I could have easily cried, it was so sad. The feeling of what am I going to do is very overwhelming as you all know. But that feeling will not help me solve the situation. But by laughing, it put me in a better frame of mind to go with the rest of the day.

So, just remember, when faced with do you cry or laugh, laughing can help you through. And if you are a crier, that’s fine, but just know that just because some of us laugh, it doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling the same pain. We all handle it in our own way.


~~~till we laugh again~~~~


Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike – Part II

The Orange Torture Machine

Earlier this month I shared that I was hitting the sidewalks with my Orange bike (Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike). Well, it’s been nine days and I’m still alive and better yet, I’m still pedaling.

Ok, to be honest, I’m pedaling every other day. But hey, it has still been 6 times more than I have the last 9 years. So that is a win.

I have even adventured further than 100 yards from my starting location. Amazing, I know. Yep, I have now managed to not pass out for about 3 miles. I haven’t really measured it with a tape measure, but I’m pretty sure I’m close. And yes, I can even do the whole thing with out stopping now. Unless you count when my water bottle dropped out my pocket and I had to pick it up. (And no, I didn’t do it on purpose just to breathe).

And in case you are wondering, the seat still freaking hurts. Does the butt ever get use to this torture device? I may keep pedaling but I also keep shifting. Or maybe those body parts just become numb over time. Who knows.

So the ride starts off easy enough. I have a path I take in the housing development behind my store. I zig zag through the streets taking in all the foreclosure signs and wonder if anyone will move in before Labor Day (not really, but I do look at the signs). Then I weave past the park and see the birdies eating all the Cheerios that the kids in strollers through out while mom was walking them in their strollers (awe, those were the days – when we all had personal chauffeurs) .

As I pass the park, I’m excited to realize I’m half way there and it’s all down hill. Not really down hill cause it actually is pretty straight then up a small hill. As I approach this one section I see some folks standing outside a garage and pointing at me. Is it me or the Orange Machine? How dare they make fun of me! Then I realize they are just waiving to the lady behind me. Darn neighborly love.

Any how, I turn the bend out of the subdivision and realize the while the stretch back isn’t far it has two big problems. A) I’m truly at the farthest point from my final destination (straight shot back) and this is not the place to pass out.  And B) I now have to go up hill.  Shoot me know….

So like we do when we pedal up hills, we think by pushing on our upper leg with our hand it will help the pedals turn. (AHH HAA Moment – that’s where that bruise came from).  I dodge the cars pulling into the gas station, avoid the mom’s dropping their kids off at day care (I picture them telling their kids as they point at me that this is why they must not drink so much soda).  Then through the McDonald’s parking lot (DON”T LOOK TAMMY) and over a few speed bumps (why I don’t go around them? I like the roller coaster ride effect I guess). Finally pulling up to the back door of my desitination.

I stand there huffing and puffing a few minutes on my jelly legs trying not to look like that person on Biggest Loser who always falls down on the treadmill.

And believe it our not… I feel great because I survived another trip!  Maybe fresh air brain washes us. Not sure.

I’ll update you again in a few weeks. If I stop writing one day, check the newspaper or news for a girl passed out on the grass laying next to an Orange bike – It might be me.

~~~~till we laugh again~~~

Fun with Fido…

A few years ago I bought someone I cared for a little tiny stuffed dog and named it Fido.

Later that year, this person had to spend a few months away from home to help their mom who had been hurt in an accident.

So while they were away Fido and I thought we would send pictures from home to help with a daily smile.

Here are a few of the pictures I took.

As you can see, it was just something fun. I encourage you to do something similar for someone you know that could use a smile.

I had a blast doing it and wish I would have kept it going.

Maybe I can start it up again.

Hmm, wonder where Fido is now?  Here Fido, Fido….. Now where is that fluffy sucker hiding…..



Yep, hiding in a cup….. Silly dog….

~~~~till we laugh again~~~

Why I like the Golden Globes


Signs for the Golden Globe Awards.
Image via Wikipedia


Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? Sure the people that win probably aren’t always the ones you think should (The Artist??? – Bridemaids was robbed!)


But the reason I love watching them isn’t always for the winners/losers. It is by far the funniest awards show on TV each season.


First off, Ricky Gervais is one funny fellow. His sarcastic wit and ability to poke fun at others is top notched. Sure you may find his jokes a little crass at times (poor Jodie Foster) , but they are still funny. And if you don’t laugh, then you are just wound too tight. Take it for what they are — Jokes…


Second off, the way they pick on each other is great. You get to see some of the inside friendships and the sharp barbs they shoot at each other (Brad & George / Morgan & Helen). The best part is, everyone seems to have thick skin. Some may not laugh, but they expect it due to the nature of the show. And if they don’t laugh all night, maybe they should have stayed home.


Finally, the open bar and heavy drinking makes for some interesting, if not awkward moments (yes, I’m talking to you Meryl Streep). I’m not a fan of getting wasted but it sure does cause these folks to loosen up a bit and say stuff they might not normally say.


So, while other shows seem a little more uptight or real nerve wracking for some, this one just makes me laugh from beginning to end. Even the speeches are usually funny. Sometimes due to the words they speak and sometimes due to how the joke isn’t working or both. (Modern Family, I’m not sure how many people got it – but it was funny)


If you have never watched them before, I’m sure YouTube has some highlights, but for sure next year TiVo it like I do. I promise you will laugh at least once or twice.




~~~Till we laugh again~~~


Are You Afraid of Clowns?

Yesterday I showed my Clown Cone Army. Then that got me to thinking about Coulrophobia or the fear of clowns. (Don’t worry, I didn’t know it was called that either until I looked it up).

We make a few cakes with clowns on them and I’ve seen people start to freak out just seeing them sitting on the cake. It’s kind of odd to watch. I’m not the type to pass judgement. One would guess that they either had a terrible childhood memory of the circus or watched too many horror flicks. Granted, there are some scary looking clowns out there. (And that doesn’t even include Heath Ledger in Batman).       

But then again, I’m sure everyone has a fear of something that seems innocent to another. It’s just odd with clowns since they are suppose to conjure up fun and laughter not fear and hatred. Why else would they be associated with kid parties? (unless your momma just wanted to torture you – I knew she didn’t like you).

But I will admit, that eons ago in a land far far away (circa 1982 or so) my brother and I went to clown school as kids. We learned how to paint our faces, went to goodwill for some over sized clothes and got to dress up and entertain a few times. It seemed like fun at the time. However, shortly there after we hung up our size 22 shoes and red nose and moved on to other things.

So if you are one of the folks terrified of clowns, sorry If my clown cone army freaked you out. But the good news is, you get to bite their heads off to get revenge. Or at least stab them with a spoon. Or even better, let them melt and laugh at them.   😀

And to those of you that make fun of our little Coulrophobia friends. Just remember, you were probably the same ones that screamed like a little girl when you saw the black cats a few days ago on Friday the 13th. Hey, we all have our hang ups….

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Beware of the Clown Cone Army

Beware of the Clown Cone Army

Beware of the Clown Cone Army! They will attack you when you aren’t looking. Sure they smile but it’s what is behind the smile that is scary….  Ok, just kidding.

Althoughhhhhh, some people are afraid of clowns. Sounds like a good topic for another day. But for today. I just wanted to show you something that makes me smile every time I see it.

We make clown cones (Ice cream with icing). And we tend to do them in batches. When they are done, before they get their lids, I LOVE opening our freezer and seeing them all bright and colorful staring at me. Makes me laugh all day. So I thought I would share.

Hope they make you smile as well. And if they freak you out and you have nightmares….. OOPS! MY BAD….

Maybe tomorrow we will discuss the fear of Clowns….


~~~Till we laugh again~~~~


Friday the 13th – Oh the Abuse You Take

Why do we blame all our misfortune today on the fact it is Friday the 13th ?

It’s not like crappy stuff doesn’t happen to us the other days of the year. Maybe we are just more aware of it. Or it makes us feel better that we aren’t the klutz or magnet of misfortune that we probably are.

Then again the fear of #13 has always baffled me. It’s a pretty number nestled between 12 & 14. And if you squash it together you get a B. See, it can’t be all that bad.

I really love when I’m at a hotel and there is no 13th floor. Umm, technically floor 14 is 13. If you don’t believe me, hang your sheets out your window, walk outside and count the windows up. SURPRISE! You are on level 13. Don’t panic, just walk back in and take the stairs. You will be glad you are on 13th floor and don’t have a 14th flight of stairs to climb up.

So, don’t fear today. It’s a wonderful day. The dead didn’t rise up and take over the world.

They are saving that for the End of the World in December 2012. So we can just check back in then.

~~~~till we laugh again~~~~

Our T-Shirts Express Our Inner thoughts…

What would your shirt say?

I love those T-shirts with the funny sayings. A good one can crack me up for hours. When I go to Walmart I like to go to the area they have these shirts just to see the new ones. As you can probably guess, I really like the witty sarcastic ones the best.

Earlier, I was looking at one of those catalogs that fill up your mailbox at Christmas time and it was full of these shirts and even some cute boxer shorts.

So for today’s smile, I thought I’d share a few of the ones that made me laugh….


  • Big Duck – Butt Quack
  • Mouse & a slice of… – Who Cut the Cheese?
  • A squirrel with a bazooka – Protect your nuts!
  • Christmas Ornaments – Nice Balls



  • One of my favorites: You think I’m screwed up? You should meet the rest of my Family!  
  • Or the other version If you met my family you would understand!
  • I have CDO – It’s like OCD but the letters are in order like they should be
  • How to handle stress like a dog… If you can’t eat it, or play with it, then Pee on it and walk away!
  • Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg
  • I’m a lefty so I really related to this one – Right Handers are annoying and so are their scissors! 
  • I’m so old I can laugh, cough, pee, sneeze, and fart at the same time!

Finally, here is one I know I will need in 20 years…

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the Hell happened!


Hope some of these made you laugh and if there was one you loved, feel free to share!


~~~ Till we laugh again~~~~


Too Darn Cute / What’s your Caption?

I saw this picture and couldn’t help but laugh. This kitten and puppy is classic.

Think of all the captions we could come up with…..

     That’s my puppy not yours!

Come to mommy….

I wanted a barbie and mommy got me this furry thing…


Whew, these dog farts are as bad as they say they are….


What caption would you put?



What’s Your Pet’s Ritual?

Sexy Tia Girl

Does your pet have a funny ritual? One that makes you laugh each and every time they do it? Mine does.

I have two dogs – Bingo and Tia. And I’m sure I will share things about them through this year, cuz they both make me laugh (not to mention the neighbors dog who thinks she is ours but  that is a story for another day).

Tia is a greyhound. She is the one pictured here. She does two things that just make me laugh my butt off. The first one is this, laying on her back, with her legs in the air like she is model for GQ Pups. She feels so sexy. (yes, she has told me so).

But even funnier than this is her ritual with her doggie pillows. This girl is spoiled. We have like 3 pillows on the ground. She rarely lets any other dog on them and they know they are her’s. She must give permission. But what is hilarious is the way she will literally fluff the pillows with her legs and move them into the perfect position. She sometimes will move all three on top of each other, or if she wants one, she will move the others out of her way. After several minutes of maneuvering them just right, she then will walk around and then plop down with her head atop her new creation.

I was going to add a short video clip but looks like I haven’t that capability quite yet. So you will just have to use your imagination. It is pretty funny.

Hmmm, I wonder if it would be sick to get her one of those pillow pets?? Part her own pet, part pillow…. I wonder if they have a greyhound one just so I could say it’s her kid or something….

So…. What is your pet’s funny ritual???


~~~~~Till we laugh again~~~~

Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike

Ok, so besides trying to make you laugh each day in 2012, I have another resolution. Or as I like to think of it…..Pain in the ass promise to myself….

My goal is to be more active in 2012. I could give a thousand reasons why, but let’s just say I need some fresh air in my life since I’m always indoors.

So, I decided that I would buy a bike and before I started work I’d try and ride around. Get some exercise in, breathe fresh air and take in the sites.

So here is where the funny comes in…

     A) My butt on a bright Orange bike – that alone is funny as hell if you saw it

     B) Breathing fresh air takes on a whole new meaning when you are sucking it in to survive

     C) Until I do this more, the sites consist of the 1/2 mile around my store

D) I haven’t ridden a bike in 7 years and yes, the seats are still as uncomfortable as they were then. What the heck, we can make a phone with processor of a sophisticated computer yet can’t make a bike seat that doesn’t hurt your behind..

But in the end, I’m sure I’ll get some good stories to tell. A few laughs for you and those I pedal by.

So if you happen to be in my town and see what looks like a huffing and puffing mass riding an Orange cruiser, try and not crash into the divider while you laugh your ass off. It’s just me trying to be a little healthier.

~~~~~Till we laugh again~~~~

Are you a klutz too?

Don't Trip!

Ok, time to reach out to my fellow klutzes.

First off, when I was a young whipper snapper as the older generation likes to say, I tended to walk on my toes. Maybe I knew deep down I was only going to be 5’4″ and wanted to be taller. Who knows. Today I don’t walk on my toes any longer (I think) – unless you count walking up stairs on my toes which I still do.

However, I still have a problem with my feet many years later.

I won’t go into the gruesome details of explaining my feet. While I’m sure there is some foot fetish person reading this, the rest of you don’t care. Now, don’t be thinking they are all that bad cuz they aren’t. Except the one toe I busted open and I have lost the toenail twice. But I digress.

No, the issue my feet have is staying on the ground. If I wasn’t walking in the air, I was tripping over a feather as my pops would say. Ok, I’m a klutz. (Hence why I broke that toe by the way). I can be walking for no reason and my feet just decide they aren’t going with me and so the rest of me does that slow motion decent into the trying to act cool while I’m flailing like an idiot. You know the one. Arms swinging to catch one’s balance as the rest of you flies forward rapidly. Or maybe you even trip and hop forward a few steps then try and act cool.

Once in a blue moon, I even need to use that duck and roll move I learned growing up to prevent forest fires. I mean catching on fire. Landing after tripping on one’s own feet is tough. But while you sit or lay there on the ground, you begin to laugh at yourself before others get a chance too. Afterall, you know you aren’t hurt (pride doesn’t count) and you know it must have looked pretty darn funny. You look back and don’t see a massive boulder in your path so your excuses start to dwindle down. So you just suck it up and laugh.

And if I had a dollar every time I bang my toes into things I’d be a millionaire ten times over. Getting out of the shower – check. Walking by the bed – check. End table – check. Corner – check. Dog laying on floor – check. Carpet only – check. It really is sad.

Think about it, I’m just talking about feet that don’t work. This doesn’t include the numerous bruises people ask me about that I have no idea how I got them. I bang into more walls and corners and doors. I don’t even flinch anymore. I just keep moving. I’m like the terminator. Cuts, no problem. You should see the collection of scars I have. Each with their own little klutzy story to tell.

The average klutz will just get hurt a lot. But it takes true professional klutz to admit they have a Klutz for Life Membership Card. Do you have one?


~~~~~~~~~till we laugh again~~~~~~~~

Resolution on the brink!

Just not in my face

Oh no! I have exactly 48 minutes as I type to get a laugh posted. Otherwise I will fail on my 366 day challenge on day 7. That wouldn’t be good.

But what to write? I had a busy day, I know I had to have had a laugh somewhere.

Maybe it was when one of my employees accidentally flung some ice cream right across me and barely missed. We both chuckeled. She then said, “What would really have been funny would have been if I hit you in the face.”

Hmmmm    Her: Funny       Me: Not so funny       You: Probably think funny

Ok, I never promised tons of laughs. But this one did make me laugh. Even more when I think of how funny she thought it was.  LOL

And if you are reading Rosa, if you ever “accidentally” hit me in the face with ice cream…. I’ll know you did it for a laugh!   😛


~~~~till we laugh again~~~~