Do You Sneeze for Odd Reasons?

I Sneeze After Ice Cream

Ok, I have a quirk that is getting worse. It is my sneezing. And after I share this, you will realize why I am not normal (not that I ever claimed to be).

Most people sneeze to clean out foreign objects that get trapped in their nose hairs. Not me. (well, maybe occasionally)

For  the longest time, I rarely sneezed. It seemed the only time I did was when would go out for ice cream. Leaving the cooler building into the warm air would almost immediately start a sneeze attack. I assumed it had to do with the cold and warm colliding and forcing a ninja fight in my nose until one over took  the other.

Now that I own an ice cream store, I’ve come to realize how naive I was. Silly girl. It had nothing to do with the warm air (although that did feel good walking into the warm air).  You know what it was?

I’m freaking allergic to ice cream! I sneeze when I eat it. Period. Especially if I have soft serve. And not just 1 or 2 sneezes. Or maybe you are a tri-sneezer.  Oh no. I have to sneeze like 7 or 8 times. And not little sneezes either. Big ones that hurt sometimes. The kids that work for me, just shake their head. They say “bless you” like once or twice then give up on me since they know I’m not done yet. They yell at me when I go to eat it, since A) I will sneeze and B) I usually don’t feel good afterwards even though I only have a small scoop.

Yep, my favorite thing in the world has turned against me.  It is a sad day in the neighborhood for sure.   🙁

To make it worse, over the last year, if I eat to fast, I start to sneeze. Huh?? How and why did this start? I just can’t do a polite burp and get it over with. Oh no, I have to be odd and start sneezing.

I’m telling you, my body is making up for rarely sneezing early on in my life. This getting old stuff sucks.  LOL.

So, it begs the questions…..

Do you sneeze for odd reasons?    And do you have a pattern with how many times you sneeze?

HERE IS AN UPDATE:  Looks like I sneeze now when I eat. Check out this updated post PART 2 of SNEEZING


~~~till we laugh again~~~




39 thoughts on “Do You Sneeze for Odd Reasons?

  1. photosfromtheloonybin

    My problem is that I can never sneeze three times in a row!!! You see, at my work there is an informal rule that if you sneeze three times you get to go home, even if you just got there. The funny thing is, nobody and I mean nobody at my office ever sneezes three times in a row. If they do, there is always a pause between the 2nd and 3rd sneezes, and that, of course, does not count!! I have allergies so I sneeze all the time, but I can’t imagine being allergic to icecream. I think I would kill myself!! LOL – just kidding, but I feel for you 🙁

  2. Jeanne

    I sneeze when I step outside and the bright sunlight hits my eyes! but after reading this I wonder if that’s really it!!! Hmm..maybe I am allergic to something..I hope it’s all kind of “bad” food, then I won’t indulge and keep packing on the pounds!! (and I sneeze about 5x in a row)

    1. tadams4u

      That is what it started like. Sun would hit me, warm me up and sneezes started. That was the only time I use to sneeze. HOw funny, I thought I was alone. Next thing you know you will tell me you’re left handed too! LOL

  3. Anonymous

    I sneeze when I have a feeling of sadness! Some people have their bottom lip tremble, or a lump in their throat- I sneeze. I actually want to find someone else who has this problem.

    1. Hope

      Sometimes when I am having a heart to heart with someone over the phone and what I am about to say or even when I am thinking right before I say it, I sneeze once or twice! I cannot reproduce that effect if I listen to a sad song or think sad things out of random, ONLY when I am talking to someone from the heart…

    2. Anonymous

      I do! Not so much when I am sad, but when I am upset. Mostly if I have to have some sort of confrontation or feel awkward.

    3. Anonymous

      I have this same problem! It actually makes it so that I cannot hide anything from my husband. If I feel sad, even if I don’t want anyone else to know, I will sneeze, and then he knows. Sometimes 4-5 times! I’m glad I found someone else with this dilemma!

      1. Lauren

        Yes!! Me too! I’ll sneeze randomly, and my husband will say “what’s wrong?” Lol I also sneeze when I’m turned on by someone I’m in love with. Every since I was little. So it’s not sexual because I used to imagine Prince Charming coming to kiss me in preschool and I’d sneeze. Lol help, I hate it.

    4. Anonymous

      I don’t know when this was wrote or who wrote it but I sneeze when I have a sad thought! Its like the brink right before a cry would start but instead its a big powerful sneeze like my reaction gets confused or something !

  4. Hope

    I found this old article on the web in regards to my previous post about sneezing during a heart to heart conversation. I still find it quite amazing really, that we feel so much in other ways that our bodies respond in their own ways. I guess this means some of us feel so much and we let so much in, that we do so much to be strong because of what it does to us. I often find that those of us this way, think so much of our everyday, and for that, we strive to be fulfilled, nurtured and happy.


  5. Anonymous

    I sneeze when I eat ice cream, too!!! Thought I was the only one. Really, is it an allergy? Well, since I’m not breaking out in hives I don’t plan to give up eating ice cream. But eating ice cream is an odd reason to sneeze. Thanks for sharing your quirk!

  6. kishaaa

    Early this year, I’ve been searching for an answer as to why I keep on sneezing whenever I’m angry. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the answer and this thing makes me sick. ?

    1. tadams4u

      I think there is something that controls a certain level in us and those of us that sneeze for odd reasons trigger for different ones than most.

  7. Lee m

    Yay, i am not alone. I sneeze when I am disappointed or hurt, sad etc… literally just happened, so i came to google. Haha i remember i would sneeze when an x partner would say things to me that would upset me. In place of a tear. :/ very strange 🙂

  8. Julian

    This is crazy! No idea there were others who experience the same thing as me. Whenever I get angry or feel aroused, I sneeze. Odd combination but those are the things that make me sneeze…

  9. Anonymous

    I tend to sneeze when I get upset, like yelling at my kids because they did something stupid (yeah I was a stupid kid too). It’s weird, as I’m yelling I feel the tickle in my sinuses and I have to leave the room so I can have my sneezing fit. WTF??

    1. Robert

      This started happening to me also. I’m a gamer and, yeah, sometimes I lash out loud, not over a Mic, just to myself in my living room but there’s anger. After it I start to sneeze, usually two or three times. I looked around for anything in this and found this..

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