Caption Time! What do you see?

OK, let’s have some fun.

I saw this picture and cracked up laughing. Hopefully you will get a smile as well.

So, today’s post will be short and sweet.

Remember our mission. A smile, a laugh, a chuckle a day. Even if it is a small one.

As for the picture, I’m not sure if the dog is trying to lick the puppies or if the puppies knocked him down and started to tie him down thinking he was Gulliver.

Here are two captions to get us going…

  • He looks into the lens and screams…. Help Me.
  • Puppy says… Funny, he doesn’t smell like Fabreeze…

Feel free to come up with a few of your own to help others laugh…I might even add a few of my own.

~~~till we laugh again~~~