366 Days of Laughter Begins!!

In the after math of last night… street sweepers clean the streets of old confetti or used fireworks, soccer moms clean up empty champagne bottles, dorm rooms are cluttered with beer pong cups and many hangovers begin 2012.

Today we begin a new year. Many folks pushing their New Year’s Resolutions off at least one more day….  “It’s Sunday, I might as well start on a Monday”     (raise your hand, you know the thought crossed your mind).

However, I shall stick to Day 1 of our daily laughs. Hopefully I’ve at least solicited a smile or a chuckle so far.

As promised, I plan on posting one laugh a day (usually more). Not jokes but slices of life that hopefully we all can relate to. At the end of the day, our lives are funny if we look closely. Some of you live your lives as I do, seeing the positive side of things. Refusing to let the crud of our lives dictate who we are. For some of you, life is full of drama that you feel you can not escape from. Hopefully by visiting each day I or my readers can help bring you at least one moment of escape.

For you the reader, I will need your help. Please share what makes you laugh or smile or moments that occurred that you feel others will enjoy. Either here or on the Facebook page I have set up. Let’s make sure 2012 is full of laughter. As you will see, even some of our darkest moments can make us laugh.

So as you say goodbye to 2011, think of the one thing that occurred last night that made made you smile or laugh. It might not have even been alcohol related. Maybe it was the sight of your son falling asleep with only 15 minutes left till midnight because he just couldn’t hang on one more minute. Maybe it was taking your young children onto the street to bang pots and pans to ring in the new year. Whatever that moment was, you smiled and for even a brief moment, you found laughter.


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