Lefty in a Right Handed World

What seems like a long time ago, I was in a shop with my mom and she pointed to a clock similar to the one pictured here and asked me what time it was. I read the time without skipping a beat which shocked her. For example this clock shows 10 o’clock.  However, you Righties might see 2 o’clock. Don’t believe me? Take away the numbers on the clock and it would be 2 o’clock.

Welcome to our world.

I was born left handed. My mom is left handed. Everyone else in our family is right handed. Most of my life I have been around Righties. Right now, I’m the only one here at my store that is a Lefty. I did one time have a team of 9 of us and 3 were lefty. That was fun.

Growing up, I did almost everything Right handed. I use to play a lot of sports as a kid and learned them all as a Righty since that is how I was taught. I was big into baseball / softball and would catch with a right handed mitt and toss the glove to throw it. I did learn to throw right handed but it looked like I threw “like a girl” as they say. As a lefty, I had a way better arm. Later I would get a left handed glove and was amazed how much better it was. I remember one day I was batting and a teacher pointed out I was left handed, so why did I always bat right handed. I shrugged saying “I don’t know”. He had me switch sides and WHACKKK a home run on my first try. I definitely liked the left side better after that.

I didn’t always have my left glove so I continued to play either way and years later when I learned to golf, I learned right handed at first for the same reason. No left handed clubs were available. When I borrowed clubs, these courses were lucky to have a putter and 2 other left handed clubs. No wonder I tend to use the same clubs for all shots.

Don’t even get me started on scissors. To this day, I can not cut as a lefty to save my life. Growing up with Right handed scissors ruined me for the rest of my life. Even when using Left handed scissors, I can’t cut a straight at all. If you want a rolly line and all kiddy wampass for your scrapbook, just hand me some left handed scissors. I’m your gal. Even when I worked for Home Depot and we got those safety knives with the button you hold down then release, they were right handed. I had to learn to flip them over and use my finger vs thumb. When they finally had left handed ones years later, I almost cut myself so many times since I was so use to use them upside down. I never could use them.

The great part of being left handed is I have neat Stupid Human Trick I can do. I can write upside down and backwards. It comes in handy when sitting across from people. You don’t even have to flip the paper. If you are a lefty, try it, I bet you can do it too.

We lefties also rarely- if ever – use cursive. We tend to print. Why? Take your left hand and pretend to write. You notice we push our pencil and you righties pull yours. So our palms becomes instant erasers. (this fact does save thousands on little pink things on end of pencils).

And before you ask, no I write correctly. I don’t do that left handed twist my arm all wacky to write. Although my best friend in High School did. Just watching her made my wrist ache. This probably came about from those sill desks that were set up for right handed people. We had to hold our pencils funny to use it.

Most left handers are naturally ambidextrous in many things. I guess it is the perk we get for being forced to learn most things twice. Once the “Right” way, then the “Correct” way.

Yep, you might be right, but we are correct. Lefties rule. Plain and simple. We are more unique. That is why there are so few of us. Ha Ha, I’m making you jealous now. You are wishing you could join our club. But nope, just like the club house sign says – “NO RIGHTIES ALLOWED”     🙂

So unless you can read our clock, don’t even knock.
~~~~ till we laugh again~~~~