Ramblings of Nothingness

Honey SmacksSo I’m sitting here knowing I need to do a post to keep my record going and I’m at a loss of what is funny. Been a long day and still more to go.

I could give you a visual of me sitting here eating Honey Smacks cereal as I stare. That is pretty funny. Not really, only funny if I miss my mouth and milk drools down my chin. (oh you know you have done it too!)

Ok, I could tell you about me having jelly legs this morning as I actually got up to 260 steps on my stair stepper. Hey don’t laugh, a week ago I only lasted 100. Sad huh? But hey, every little bit helps towards being healthier. I know what you are thinking….. I do really….. You are thinking that I really shouldn’t be eating those Honey Smacks.

At least not for dinner.

Or I could tell you about how I have 50 million (ok, I might exaggerate – 40 million) things to do yet I sit here trying to be funny with the milk drooling down my chin. Thank god I have a shirt sleeve to wipe it on.

But in the end, I will have to hope this little rambling of nothingness is sufficient enough for at least a chuckle for your daily laugh. I promise to come up with a better one tomorrow. At least one that doesn’t involve a cereal with a  Frog on it.

PS.  What’s really funny is I’m eating Honey Smacks at my store, not even at home in the kitchen. But I guess it is better than me eating ice cream. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to push myself that extra 15 seconds on the stair stepper and get to 275 steps tonight when I get home.

PSS. Not sure why Honey Smacks either, I’m a Flintstones Cocoa Pebbles kinda gal. I wonder if the checker at the store switched them when  I wasn’t looking. Probably the bag boy, they can be shifty you know.

Oh well, off to knock out at least 10 million of those things before I leave tonight


~~~Till we laugh again~~~