Where Have I Been oh blog of mine…

So, I realized I stopped my blogging a year ago. Why? Did I lose my sarcastic touch? Did the world finally start to make sense? Did all the odd quirks people possess all of a sudden no longer drive me bonkers?

Oh hell no….

Ok, truth be told, I realized that I might have worried people were taking me much meaner than what I really was. See, my thoughts are not from a mean place, they are from a sarcastic place. You know, those thoughts that cross your mind yet most of you are too afraid to say out loud. Us sarcastic folks, we just say it with a smile. Makes it easier to swallow. Either that our we just hope it goes over most of your heads.  LOL.

Well, I’ve decided to dust off my blog and bring my sarcastic self back out of hiding. I am who I am. I am a loving person with a sharp wit. My curse. So no matter how much I love you or others, sarcasm runs through my veins. I must release these thoughts and share with the world.

I promise to say what you wish you could, you know you will chuckle at least once if not twice. It’s ok. We are both cursed.

So on this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for many things. One of which is my sense of humor, sarcasm and all. Life throws at us too much crap, so my theory is, laugh at life! Humor is all we have and dammit! Laughing feels good! Just do it! You know you want to!

So as you lay your head down to sleep, think of one funny sarcastic think you which you could have said today. Go ahead, I’ll wait……………

Two hours later…… Yea, some of you need lessons. You suck at this sarcasm game…….

Ok, I’m tired, more sarcasm later…. I hope you all had a great Turkey Day… Cuz I’m pretty sure it sucked for the Turkey….