Why Are People So Rude Sometimes?

Last time I promised my next blog would be about common courtesy and I must live up to my promise. Why you may ask? Yep, you guessed it – out of common courtesy.

See, here is my issue, how can we as a society be lacking at times some of the most basic of niceties? I’m not talking Miss Manners here. I’m just talking about the good old fashion stuff our parents were supposed to teach us. Here are two areas that stand out to me and maybe they do to you as well.

**Holding the door as the next person starts to enter or exit.

o   We’ve all been there. About to walk into our neighborhood QT for a slushie. There are tons of people going in and out and yet someone ahead of you just lets the door slam into you and next thing you know, you are wearing your blue slushie all over you cuz that split second that would have killed them to hold the door open for you.

o   Oh and by the way, to some of you that I hold the door for – YOU’RE WELCOME.   I know it was just an oversight that you didn’t thank me.

**Cell Phones

o   I love my cell phone as much as the next person. I don’t let it out of my sight. But even I have some limits. How on earth did we live just 10 years ago without these tethers to everyone we know? (and some we don’t)

o   When I’m helping you Mr. or Mrs. Customer, please don’t answer your phone in the middle of our transaction and then walk away. Especially when others are waiting their turn.

o   By the way, it is also rude to walk up to the counter to order while you are still talking on your phone, I shouldn’t have to beg for your attention to take your order. Just wait outside until you are done.

o   When sitting in the lobby eating, please don’t start watching YouTube or your videos with the sound on high. If everyone can’t watch, they sure the hell don’t want to hear it.

o   When having dinner or lunch with others – this isn’t the time to pick up your crackberry and check your email or start playing a game while I’m talking to you.

o   Oh, and when you do answer the loud, obnoxious ringer in the restaurant, do you really have to yell so loud when talking to the other person? It’s a phone, not a tin can on a string.

Ok, I feel better. Maybe we each can do our part to not be one of these folks that drive us nuts.  🙂


Till we rant again………..