Bingo Whining – Pass the ear plugs

Ok, I’m not too proud to say I’m a bingo player. I play on-line more than in a live bingo hall but that is more out of convenience.

I’ve been playing at my site for over a year now and I love it there. Great chat hosts and some great bingo buddies to chat with. If you come and play with us, you might find me being my smart ass self usually picking on the chat hosts or the “regular” players. That is if I’m not “justcuzgetoutofthefreezer” as a certain chat host says.

Which now brings me to my weekly rant.  BINGO WHINING

Ok, I know losing is painful. I know it sucks losing your money. It becomes frustrating after long periods of no wins. It can even make you so angry you want to kill “waldo”. Yes Julie, I’m talking to you. (inside joke). Hell even I get depressed and feel like a big old loser some days (like this week for sure). But please STOP THE WHINING! I’m not talking about the occasional whine out of frustration. The needing to share your pain because you can’t take it anymore. I get that, I really do. And I’m ok with this type of whining.

Here are the whiners that drive me bonkers (and no it’s not a far drive)

A)   The people that will win and then like 7-8 games later will be whining that they can’t win a game. Then they will win again and say it’s their first win even though we all can see they have been winning. I swear these people think they should win every game.

B)   The people that think if they whine each and every game the fake bingo caller will hear them and feel sorry for them and give them a win just to shut them up.

C)   The people that are new, use free money, play 5-6 games then whine the site is rigged and no one can win here. Hello, winner every game. And by the way, we don’t want you to win, cuz then you stay and then you will just become the whiner mentioned in section A or B above

D)   People whining about the same winners all the time. Yes, I agree, it can get very frustrating seeing the same names over and over. But hey, everyone gets on a run and then there are those that spend TONS of money to get those wins. They are the same people you ALWAYS see in the deposit specials. Trust me, they Lose it as fast as they win it. They are gamblers and can’t help it. They spend hundreds of dollars to your $25 a week for those wins.  LOL

E)   Math lesson people. If you buy 60 cards ($15) then you have to win every 6-8 games or you lose. STOP BUYING all them cards and maybe, just maybe your money might not run out in a couple of hours. If you keep buying that many, quit whining about it, you are doing it to yourself.

F)   Oh who are we kidding, you are whining for the bingo win so you can use the winnings to go play slots. Face it, slots are your crack and crack is wack as Whitney says.

Ok, I feel better now. I know this blog will not stop the whining. Hell, I’ve been losing all my free bbs (fake bingo money for you that don’t play). I’m getting sick of losing too. Maybe I should start whining. Nahhh, not worth it. I’ll just be smart and take a day or two off and hope my bingo mojo comes back.

Till we rant again readers…..

Next time – we talk about Common Courtesy