Sharing our thoughts

So, let me understand.

We have Twitter so we can share random short thoughts with those who for some reason want to follow us even though they have no idea who they are.

We have Facebook to share our lives with those we know or once knew or those that think they know us.

And finally we have Blogs to share the things that pop into our mind that we feel the world needs to know in more detail.

Now I got it.

Some how over the past few years we have discovered that the world must know us better and what goes on in our lives and our minds.

So hells bells, I guess I can set up this blog to go with my twitter and my facebook and maybe, just maybe, I can forgot to do my blog just like I do those other two.

Then again, I might not. Cuz I have TONS to be sarcastic about our everyday life. Cuz if you dont laugh at what life shows you, then you die. And what is the fun of that?