Super Bowl Sunday – Why Do You Watch?

Well today is Super Bowl Sunday. Will you be watching? According to most reports, 100% of the people will be. Ok, maybe not 100% but pretty much anyone within reach of a TV or internet will view the Super Bowl. Sure some will watch the actual game, but many will tune in for some other reason.

Let’s face it, for many people watching, this will be the only football game they watched all season. Some people will wonder why the Giants say NY instead of SF on their helmets. Some will bug those watching by asking, “Why does that man keep throwing his handkerchief on the ground?”

Normally during our TV viewing days, we spend 354 days fast forwarding through the commercials unless we are going to the bathroom. Today is the only day out of the year that people will actually pee during the game just to not miss a commercial.

Let’s face it, unless the game is close, the only thing you can get excited about are the commercials. You know, the ones where companies spend millions of dollars to make a commercial, then spend millions more for their 30 second spot, all because they know we are suckers for this annual tradition of hype. But even I must admit, watching Betty White get tackled a few years ago was pretty freaking hilarious.

Tomorrow, the internet will blow up with people surfing the web to re-watch their favorite ones. And the poor fools like myself that have to work, will fast forward their TIVOs just to get to the commercials everyone was raving about. (Why watch the game? By then we already know who won.)

While I type this, thousands of people have flooded the grocery stores to buy their last minute chips & dip. BBQs around the globe are being fired up to flame broil the millions of wienies, burgers & steaks that will be consumed today. And tonight, millions of kitchens and living rooms across America will be littered with left over residue of the Super Bowl Parties that will begin shortly.

So while some of you pull on your team jersey, and wish it was your team playing today, there is someone else in the world dusting off their material girl clothes from the 80s as they watch Madonna perform. (and you know who you are out there so stop denying it!)   😀

But which ever reason you pick today, enjoy the game. Because tomorrow you will have a mess to clean up and a whole lot of reminiscing to do with everyone as they rehash what happened.

~~~till we laugh again~~~