Sunday Funnies Edition 4

Sunday Funnies!!! Yahoooo….

The time I time to take a few minutes and help you laugh a little…

These are some I saw through the week that made me chuckle, hope they do you as well….

This one makes me laugh so much!  

Is it me, or does it look like she can’t find it?

Yep, they join you!

I’ve read some of your blogs…you know who you are  😉

And she loves it! (ice cream works too!)

Just don’t hit the delete button!

Hope you liked these…. I know he did!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

Sunday Funnies Edition 2

Ok, last week everyone seemed to like my Sunday Funnies idea so I think I’ll run with it!

For this weeks edition, we have to tackle the fact that today is Mother’s Day.

Why not celebrate Yo Momma!

I thought about doing a bunch of yo momma jokes….

Then I realized I didn’t want to be too mean…After all it is suppose to be a celebration….

Then I thought we could talk about how mom’s have superpowers….

But we don’t want to give away all their secrets….

Then again, mom’s wouldn’t be mom’s without their kids and we all know kid’s say the darndest things…

But really, what we should be celebrating are those mom’s that give all mom’s a great reputation…

Like this mom…

Ms Tan em Till Their Brown Mom

Or, even the Mother of all moms….

Ms Octomom ~ mom of what 16 or 17?

(Did you think it would have been the mom from 20 kids and counting?)


Yep, cuz these mom’s are what every mom strives to be someday….



Ok, maybe no so much…

To all the Mom’s out there today….

Happy Mother’s Day!


May your children (young or old) not drive you as batty as they do all the other days of the year!


~~~till we laugh again~~~




Sunday Funnies 1st Edition

As you know, I love my friend Google. I’m always checking with him for my pictures for my Blog and he always delivers.

Sometimes, I come across some pretty funny things that have nothing to do with what I’m writing about, but I love them anyways.

So I got to thinking, why not start a little feature on Sundays where I share some of the funny stuff I found during my week?

Just little quickie laughs just like the Sunday Funnies.

Hope you like them.

This one just made me giggle… Too funny

Someone Partied A Little too Hardy Last Night

Get a Room Guys… Jeeshhh   😉

For my Canadian friends & Mom

“Where did you hide the Cat-Nip?!?!

This one reminded me of all of you ~~ my crazy readers / fellow bloggers / friends

Have a Great Sunday & Let’s Start All This Fun Again Tomorrow!

~~~till we laugh again~~~