Look What I Made Everyone

Ok, so I was starting to do one thing then being the true “Look shiny thing!” person I am, I went in a whole different direction.

I got to thinking about how many people embraced being “Non-Normal last week. And how proud everyone seemed to be.

So I thought, why not make a little badge anyone who wants to, can post on their blog page to celebrate their uniqueness?

Be Unique, be yourself

What do you think? 

No pressure. As you can see I’ve added it to my side bar.

I know, I’m silly.

I’m just determined I think to help everyone embrace our differences and realize that normal is boring. Normal is a myth and honestly, I think we all are a little strange in our own way.

Besides, who wants to be like everyone else?

Ok, I have to go accomplish something today…..Just wanted to share….

Dare to Be Different!

~~~till we laugh again~~~

Ah To Be A Sleeping Animal

Ok, those horses made ma laugh, so here are a few other cute sleeping critters….

Maybe he had a full tummy from eating the mouse

Nature’s Hammock

Damn, that was some party!

I Love when Mom let’s us camp out in the living room

We all sleep better with our favorite stuffed animal

I’ll regret hibernating in this spot, I just know it

How did I get in this mess? Oh well, for now we sleep

Tomorrow, I have a great story to tell. You will definitely want to check it out. And I promise it has real words and a real story, not some trick I pull on you.


One from my past that I love telling as it was that crazy.

~~~till we laugh again~~~

A Quick Question for You

Ok, I’ve got a crazy busy day today but wanted to at least submit my funny for the day…

Today will be quick so don’t miss it…

I have a quick question for you…


How Do You Keep a Blog Reader in Suspense?


Scroll Down Slowly….









Keep Going….








Breathe….Fill the lungs…Keep going…







Did you pack your lunch?… Keep going….












Check Back tomorrow….



~~~~till we laugh again~~~~

Tag Your It! Darn it, I knew I should have hid better!

No matter how great my hiding space was, I still got caught. Then again, I really wasn’t hiding from her, just the other crazies in my life.  😀

Yep, I’ve been tagged by Kewsmith over at randomreasoning. She was just too fast for me to out sprint. Must be all that free time she claims she has now that she is an empty nester.   😉

To those not in the blogging world but more of the “I read because you make me” type, let me explain my babbling. This is a fun “get to know you” game that helps your loyal readers know you better but also helps introduce you to some new victims, I mean readers.

Like any award (real or fake) there are rules to follow, so I must set the stage for anyone that I torture, I mean tag, further down. Otherwise they will not know what to do with the tag and just try and exchange it for some other award. (refunds always work best with the original tag).

The rules are:

  • you must post the rules (have I mentioned I’m not good with rules?)
  • answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post (but what if I don’t like them? Tough is the only answer I got)
  • create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged (why 11? Seems like an odd number. – No really, it’s odd)
  • tag eleven people with a link to your post (again with the 11, this might take some research)
  • let them know you tagged them (even more work for me to accomplish)

The questions I must answer are: (if you are new to my blog, I should warn you ahead of time, I’m a smart ass so these answers are just my way of expressing my true self)   😀

  1. What happened on the best day of your life?

When I was 12 or 13 I fell asleep for like 24 hours straight. I was exhausted I assume. And since it lasted 24 hours it was a true “day” in my life. And to be honest, I have yet to remain asleep longer than a few hours since. So it was truly a standard to attain again.

  1. What is your greatest talent?

Besides my wit & sarcasm? I’d have to go with my ability to write upside down and backwards. I consider it my “stupid pet trick”.

  1. What have you done in your life that makes you the most proud?

That I have remained true to myself and my ability to get through all of life’s challenges with my sense of humor.  Even though many people think I’m nuts.

  1. What do you believe in that others might doubt the reality of?

A few things. One we can accomplish anything we set our mind too. Two, we get exactly what we predict for ourselves. And Three, life on other planets. There are way too many planets out there in the universe to think this one was that darn special to contain the only human existence. I’m pretty sure God spread us out a little.

  1. If you could travel in time, where would you go?

I believe in looking forward, so I’d love to see what this place will look like in 100 years. Do our cars ever fly? Will cell phones go away and we just tap our nose and talk? Will Walt Disney ever be de-thawed? Will there ever be a successful Bachelor couple? Stuff like that.

  1. What’s your favorite holiday and why?

National Ice Cream Day! Duh, I own an ice cream shop for a reason!

  1. Anytime in your life that you would like to have a ‘do-over’? Explain in you can.

Yes, the first 6 questions, I’ve answered. I’m sure they could have been funnier.

  1. What’s your favorite movie and why?

Clue – hands down the funniest movie I have ever seen. Almost knocked myself out watching it. I’ll be doing a post on this one so I can’t spoil it by telling you more.  😀

  1. If you could spend one day doing anything you wanted, what would it be?

See question one. SLEEP. I haven’t had a good day off in years. I would want a lazy do nothing day with lots of naps.

  1. What are your views on social media?

Social media has been a great tool for introverts to make new friends around the world. Unfortunately, it has also allowed more people to say or do really stupid things for everyone to see. However, it gives me pleasure at watching other people’s stupidity so I’m back to loving it. And for those of you that post or do stupid things? Did you really think no one would find out?

  1. Have you ever broken the law and what did you do?  You needn’t answer if it will get you thrown in the pokey.

First, I plead the 5th.  Second, a true story. We were driving to Wendover, NV with my nephews in the back one day. They were doing that typical kid arguing that kids feel the need to do while you are driving. Meanwhile my exit was coming up and being that we were in the middle of nowhere and going 75 miles an hour (allowed). I turned to yell at them to knock it off while exiting only turn back as we passed a cop. Me still doing 75 in a 45 exit ramp.  A) I never get tickets, B) I did that day and C) I still blame them today for it even though it is like 13 years later. Sometimes, thing still sting.   LOL

Ok, enough about me. That is hard work trying to be cute and clever when demanded to. Way easier when on my own time and terms. Note to self, find a way to torture Kewsmith in a few months….

Time to tag the others.     What criteria do I use?

Do I play a game of eeniee minee mo? Nah, too hard to catch that tiger by its toe.

Do I pick the first 11 I see? If I do this, people might start diving over hedges so they don’t get seen.

I know, I’m going to pick on the ones who show me love by making comments on my posts. We all love to read the comments people leave us and these 11 are always good for some love my way.  Besides, we always hurt the ones we love…

So hide if you want, but the following folks are getting tagged with some spray paint so they can’t wash it off…

  1. Pouringmyartout – (side note on him, his true entertainment is the comments he leaves me – always cracking me up)
  2. Jeandayfriday
  3. Chlost – Allwaysinthebackrow.wordpress.com
  4. Candy S –FindingOrderInChaos
  5. Photosfromtheloonybin
  6. J A Robbinson – TheDailyGraff
  7. CKsdays – CK’s Days
  8. Paprika F – GoodHumored
  9. DiatribesandOvations
  10. Nosugarjustspice
  11. ClipSnark

Honorable mention: Kimberly but looks like her site is being retooled. Otherwise you were getting tagged girl!  😀

My mom & sis also comment regularly but I didn’t want to be accused of nepotism.

Ps, I would have tagged kewsmith but she said “no fair tag backs” and I had to let her go. Darn it!

PSs, if you’ve been tagged before, I guess you should have learned to run faster or hide better.

Oh, almost forgot, here are your 11 (not 10, or 12) questions you lucky devils

  1. Who is the one person you can 100% guarantee will make you laugh when you need it?
  2. What is something that your friends and family laugh at that you do?
  3. Pajamas in public – are you for them or against them?
  4. Blackberry, Android, iPhone or some cheap little phone that does nothing but let you talk and maybe text on it?
  5. What is the one thing if someone took away from you that you would throw a 2 year old temper tantrum on the floor crying fit over?
  6. When was the last time you had a giggling fit? And do you remember why?
  7. Have you ever worn socks with little toes in them?
  8. Do you have any animals? If so, what species are they and why did you name them what you did?
  9. Have you ever accidentally / on purpose / will never admit it – tripped your kid?
  10. If your high school would have seen how you turned out, what would they have put in your year book? What title would you have?
  11. Would you have preferred serious questions or goofy ones like these? (even though your vote is too late)

Thanks again kewsmith for the tag. I was looking for a good subject for today’s post and this was a good distraction from finding some humor in my own life.

Hope everyone finds some good humor in your own answers as you read. I know human nature and even if you didn’t get tagged, you still tried answering at least 7 or 8 of the questions above. You just couldn’t help yourself.

Finally, if you hate the game of tag, it’s all good. No pressure in this playground.  😀     We’ll just shoot you some readers to check your site out, because I love ya all!


~~till we laugh again~~

Oh and since we are playing tag, why not highlight some other folks that were tagged recently if you really dig reading on the subject and the crazy questions people get asked.

Random Facts – Checking off My List

Yesterday I shared the good news of my first nominations. (Yippee Me!) And I promised to fulfill my obligations last night. (I failed). I had a crazy busy day and never got around to it. And technically I have a boat load to do right now, but thought I’d sneak off and do this instead.

Let’s be honest, those that know me know that I’m terrible at following rules. I always feel my way is better. So I’m pretty sure I will not follow the rules I was given. At least not as they were written. But two items I want to do that they all have in common is share some random facts about myself and share the love or pay it forward.

Random Facts

Hmm, I’m pretty sure I  blog about many random facts about myself. Matter of fact, most of my posts make fun of my random quirks I have. Let’s see, I’ve already shared…

  • I hate – no ABHOR Peas   
  • I hate looking into eyeballs
  • I drive a pink truck and ride an orange bike
    • The funny thing about the above one is…I hate pink
  • I’m an optimistic sarcastic  – meaning I’m positive I’m thinking something sarcastic at any given moment yet I believe in positive thinking
  • I hate seafood
  • Check out any of my previous blogs for more details on any of the above  – 😀

Hmm, lot of hating going on up in that list.  So, to counter act….

  • I LOVE to laugh
  • I love to make others laugh
  • I love to find humor in almost anything that occurs and will laugh at the wrong moments
  • I love my dogs Bingo, Tia and strongly like the neighbor’s dog Nahla that thinks she mine
  • I love helping others see and believe in themselves
  • I love to teach / coach / mentor – I get my “high” off of helping others discover their potential
  • I love being unique, I love being weird and I love being left handed which is both
  • Oh, and I love my family – even though they are all whacked    😀


Now I can check that off my list of to do….

Keep checking back and I promise to keep using my everyday life and quirks to entertain you.

Ohhh, and in the next day or two I promise to nominate some folks for the awards so I keep passing them along. It’s like the Blogging World’s Chain Letter only without the bad luck attached – just the guilt of not doing it.   😀


~~~till we laugh again~~~

What Would Your Mailbox Be?

So it’s been a long day and my brain is fried. So as funny as I tried to think on my drive home, nothing. Nada, Ziltch.

Then, for some odd reason the word mailbox came to mind. So with mailboxes as my inspiration, I thought I’d surf the web and find some unique and interesting ones to share and hope one of them brings a smile to your face. I know they did mine.

I needed this one when I worked at Home Depot

You might be a redneck if your microwave doubles as your mailbox

Now this is a lobster lover

I’m pretty sure no one will be stealing their mail

I’m pretty sure my arm would only last 3 1/2 minutes

Makes you laugh and freaks you out at the same time

I hate when aliens still my cows

Can you image the first time the mailman had to stick his hand in here?

Further proof of our butt crack epidemic

Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

~~~till we laugh again~~~

OMG – How Cruel Was This?

Ok, so if you have been reading my blog, you know I decided to make a few changes with the new year. Riding the Orange bike, attempting to use a stair stepper and the hardest of all… Cold turkey stop of my Coca Cola addiction. Yes, I say addiction. For the past few years I have drank so much coke that I’m surprised my insides are still there. Have you seen this stuff work on battery acid?

I probably drank anywhere between 24 – 55 oz a day. (Collective Gasp heard around the world). I know. Bad Tammy. But hey, that was sooooo 2011.

Today is officially Day 27 of this new Coke free me. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Well, it’s been more than 21 days and I still miss my baby. Not like I did, but it is just like my baby is off away at college. I don’t want it move back, but I do miss it.

And just like a child away at college, I do have a room dedicated to it. Calm down, I’m not like that crazy cat woman (sorry Kitty Bloger – who I LOVE by the way). I just happen to have a game room full of coke memorabilia. So each day I come home to a room full of puzzles, toys, collectibles and old coke bottles (some with old coke) still in them.

But this morning a true crime was committed. Yes, it may have started out innocently as a token of love but instead was an act of cruelty.

This morning I open my fridge and what do I see? Yep the picture above. A nice, fresh, bottle of my drug of choice. Staring me, taunting me, right in the face.

What is a girl to do? Slam the fridge real quick and run? Pretend it isn’t there? Drool begins to form in the corners of my mouth and thoughts of that sugar water race through my head. Maybe it is a sign? Maybe I’m suppose to go back to my lovely addiction. Maybe I’m suppose to rot my body from the inside out.

Afterall, it was bought with love (Although the perpetrator claims they “forgot” – likely story)   😀

But being the good girl I’m trying to be, I grabbed my keys and quickly ran out the door. I was not going to cave. Not today anyways. I would be strong and triumphant. I got to work, hopped on the Orange bike and road like a mad woman for 15 minutes. (Hey, it’s only been 27 days, go easy on me).

I will be strong for now. I will not be tempted. But I definitely will call home and remind the perpetrator that they need to drink it by 8pm. Get rid of the evidence and I’ll pretend I’m Pam waking up to find Bobby in the shower.  (Old Dallas reference for you over 40s). And it never happened.

Well, my rant is over. I shall survive. But it will be a long day of memories. Remembering the good ole days. A nice 32 oz coke to sip on all day. So as I drink my water and ice tea, I’ll pretend it was still 2011.

So as you fight your resolutions, just know those that love you don’t mean to be cruel. They just are.

ROFL  (sorry, busting up laughing now)


~~~till we laugh again~~~



Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike

Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike Part 2

Do You Sneeze for Odd Reasons?

I Sneeze After Ice Cream

Ok, I have a quirk that is getting worse. It is my sneezing. And after I share this, you will realize why I am not normal (not that I ever claimed to be).

Most people sneeze to clean out foreign objects that get trapped in their nose hairs. Not me. (well, maybe occasionally)

For  the longest time, I rarely sneezed. It seemed the only time I did was when would go out for ice cream. Leaving the cooler building into the warm air would almost immediately start a sneeze attack. I assumed it had to do with the cold and warm colliding and forcing a ninja fight in my nose until one over took  the other.

Now that I own an ice cream store, I’ve come to realize how naive I was. Silly girl. It had nothing to do with the warm air (although that did feel good walking into the warm air).  You know what it was?

I’m freaking allergic to ice cream! I sneeze when I eat it. Period. Especially if I have soft serve. And not just 1 or 2 sneezes. Or maybe you are a tri-sneezer.  Oh no. I have to sneeze like 7 or 8 times. And not little sneezes either. Big ones that hurt sometimes. The kids that work for me, just shake their head. They say “bless you” like once or twice then give up on me since they know I’m not done yet. They yell at me when I go to eat it, since A) I will sneeze and B) I usually don’t feel good afterwards even though I only have a small scoop.

Yep, my favorite thing in the world has turned against me.  It is a sad day in the neighborhood for sure.   🙁

To make it worse, over the last year, if I eat to fast, I start to sneeze. Huh?? How and why did this start? I just can’t do a polite burp and get it over with. Oh no, I have to be odd and start sneezing.

I’m telling you, my body is making up for rarely sneezing early on in my life. This getting old stuff sucks.  LOL.

So, it begs the questions…..

Do you sneeze for odd reasons?    And do you have a pattern with how many times you sneeze?

HERE IS AN UPDATE:  Looks like I sneeze now when I eat. Check out this updated post PART 2 of SNEEZING


~~~till we laugh again~~~




Ramblings of Nothingness

Honey SmacksSo I’m sitting here knowing I need to do a post to keep my record going and I’m at a loss of what is funny. Been a long day and still more to go.

I could give you a visual of me sitting here eating Honey Smacks cereal as I stare. That is pretty funny. Not really, only funny if I miss my mouth and milk drools down my chin. (oh you know you have done it too!)

Ok, I could tell you about me having jelly legs this morning as I actually got up to 260 steps on my stair stepper. Hey don’t laugh, a week ago I only lasted 100. Sad huh? But hey, every little bit helps towards being healthier. I know what you are thinking….. I do really….. You are thinking that I really shouldn’t be eating those Honey Smacks.

At least not for dinner.

Or I could tell you about how I have 50 million (ok, I might exaggerate – 40 million) things to do yet I sit here trying to be funny with the milk drooling down my chin. Thank god I have a shirt sleeve to wipe it on.

But in the end, I will have to hope this little rambling of nothingness is sufficient enough for at least a chuckle for your daily laugh. I promise to come up with a better one tomorrow. At least one that doesn’t involve a cereal with a  Frog on it.

PS.  What’s really funny is I’m eating Honey Smacks at my store, not even at home in the kitchen. But I guess it is better than me eating ice cream. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to push myself that extra 15 seconds on the stair stepper and get to 275 steps tonight when I get home.

PSS. Not sure why Honey Smacks either, I’m a Flintstones Cocoa Pebbles kinda gal. I wonder if the checker at the store switched them when  I wasn’t looking. Probably the bag boy, they can be shifty you know.

Oh well, off to knock out at least 10 million of those things before I leave tonight


~~~Till we laugh again~~~


Fun with Fido…

A few years ago I bought someone I cared for a little tiny stuffed dog and named it Fido.

Later that year, this person had to spend a few months away from home to help their mom who had been hurt in an accident.

So while they were away Fido and I thought we would send pictures from home to help with a daily smile.

Here are a few of the pictures I took.

As you can see, it was just something fun. I encourage you to do something similar for someone you know that could use a smile.

I had a blast doing it and wish I would have kept it going.

Maybe I can start it up again.

Hmm, wonder where Fido is now?  Here Fido, Fido….. Now where is that fluffy sucker hiding…..



Yep, hiding in a cup….. Silly dog….

~~~~till we laugh again~~~