Why I Love Watching Dancing With the Stars

Last night I watched the premier of Dancing With the Stars, or DWTS for those in the know. I love this show. Not because of the stars or the dancing (tho I love both).

I love DWTS because it shows what we are all capable of. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than the triumph of others.

When the stars are announced people go “who?” or “how did they get them?” “Oh no, they are doing this” or “that should be funny”. Then you wonder who they will be paired with and then wait for the next two weeks to see how they do.

Last night the wait was over. They hit the floor. From Roshon Fegan (“who?”), Melissa Gilbert (“how did they get them?”), Gladys Knight (“oh no, they are doing this”) orĀ Sherri Shepherd (“oh she will be funny”).

And once again, this show surprised me with how much it makes me smile. When these folks take the dance floor, they no longer are a star. For most of them, I would bet dollars to donuts that they feel as insecure as you and I would. Most have no dance talent and most have to show things to the American public that none of us would ever want seen by our friends never mind the world.

We get to see them struggle with their body issues, their klutz issues, their hectic schedules, their not so pretty personality moments and a host of other things I’m sure they would prefer the world wouldn’t know.

Something about human triumph makes my heart smile. DWTS is one of those shows that do this. Just like Biggest Loser, people who question if they can, do what they think is the unthinkable and show they can. And sometimes, not just can, but can very well.

See, it’s not about how great they do, it’s about the journey, the fact they try and they succeed beyond their own wildest dreams.

It’s easy to sit at home and criticize this show. To call these stars names and poke fun at them. But you know what? Each and every one them are trying something new. Maybe for themselves, maybe for their moms or maybe for a shot of coming back in our homes. Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

What I do know is, they make me smile each Monday as they accomplish something they pushed themselves for. They accomplished something they never in a million years thought they would just a few months prior. And if your heart doesn’t smile just a little when they finish their routine, then you are definitely a half empty cup kind of person. Because when they finish, for me, my cup is full of possibilities and belief.

Next time you hear about this show, before you pass judgement, watch a season from beginning to end and see their journey. You will be surprised to realize it isn’t about if they are a “has been” or “they danced terrible”, no, it is about the fact they got out there, shook their tale feathers and did something they never thought they could. Who cares how well it went as long as they tried.

Isn’t that what life is about? Putting ourselves out there and trying things we thought we never thought we could do?

I hope you also find joy in watching this show. And I hope you also have some of those moments that your heart just smiles and you are happy for their success.


~~~till we laugh again~~~