Get Smart – Happy Childhood Memories

I remember clearly the day I accidentally discovered what would become my favorite TV show ever. I was 13 years old and I read in the TV guide about a show called Get Smart. Now, there was no explanation of what the show was about just the two words GET SMART.

You have to understand my 13 year old self. I loved game shows and I loved to learn. And if truth be told, I was a little smarty pants even back then. So for some reason, seeing something that said Get Smart, I just had to check it out. Little did I know, that that day would begin a 32 year passion for a show that is rarely on TV anymore. (Darn you Nickelodeon!)

That day I discovered Max, 99, Chief, Sigfried, CONTROL, KAOS and Hymie.

A show so stupid and smart at the same time. A show that I would do whatever it took to watch all 138 episodes. Which back in the 70’s was not easy to do since there wasn’t a thing called TIVO, Hulu or even YouTube (GASP! I know). I was dependent upon the rerun universe. I would search through that TV Guide each week circling every time I saw the show was airing just to make sure I didn’t miss an episode.

I was so obsessed, I even took out my tape recorder and made a cassette of the shows and would listen to them over and over. It was years later that I finally got to see some of those shows again and I had completely forget what the visual was due to the one I replaced in my head through re-listening to those tapes over and over. And today, I’m proud to say I own the box set that finally came out a few years ago.

So what was the fascination? You know, I really have no idea. I just loved Max’s bumbling, the way 99 would roll her eyes at him. How he would drive Chief crazy by insisting on the Cone of Silence. I loved the friendship that Max had with Sigfried even though they were bitter enemies. The silliness of the whole thing really. You always knew when Max would say “Missed it by that much” or “Would you believe?”.

I could go on and on, but the point of my post today is that as I was driving home I started to think of when I was a kid, the one thing I knew that would make me smile and laugh was always this show. There are no words to describe the happy feeling I get watching it. I could watch it for hours.

Then I started wondering if any of you had a show from your childhood that even to this day, you could sit for hours and watch it. A show that could help you escape the world around you and for even a few short 22 minutes, you could return to a simpler time in your life and just be happy.

So when you have those tough days and long for a smile, just think back to that show that helped you find your smile. Your laughter. Think about certain episodes. And if you are looking for a great laugh and have a warped sense of humor, go ahead and YouTube those old 60’s episodes of Get Smart. I’ll share my passion with you. There is enough laughs for both of us.   😀

~~~ Till we laugh again~~~