Let the count down begin…

Hmm, so I suppose I should ride the laughter wave as I have it going. Should our souls be denied the humor it so craves until 1/1/2012? I say NO! I say we count down until our 365 days of laughter.

Day -25 – Yep negative 25 days to go.

And being that it is the holidays, and if you are like me, those Christmas songs everyone keeps playing are getting old already and we still have the rest of the month to go! (for some reason radio stations feel the need to stretch this out till New Years for some gosh awful reason.)

Soooo, for a good laugh, I think everyone should just sing “Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer” over and over all day long. At first people will sing or hum with you. But then after about the 387th time hearing you sing it, they will scream really loud, run out the room and swear off Holiday Jingles for the rest of the year. Ok, I tease, maybe not the rest of the year, but you might just get an hour or two reprieve. And honestly, every little bit helps.

Till negative day 24….


SING IT!   Do it!      Now!      Save the world!        Save your sanity!      Save my sanity! 


Committing to 365 Days of Laughing – Will You Join Me?

As 2011 comes to a close, I’ve begun thinking about what my 2012 New Year’s Resolution will be.

I don’t drink or smoke so giving those up would make me an instant winner in the “did she keep her resolution” game. Gold star for me already! I rock!

I could always do the old standby of losing weight. But let’s face it – in a few weeks in I’d want a Coke & a scoop of ice cream. Who am I kidding; I’ll cave to both of those in less than 24 hours.

I could be determined to be less of a procrastinator – but I’d just put it off.

Then I thought, hey, I could be less sarcastic to those I love – but then I realized that was like asking me not to breathe. Besides, my family and friends hardly hear from me now, if I stopped being sarcastic with them, they’d never hear from me.

So I have decided to share with you my wonderful readers the one thing that keeps me going each and every day. Laughter. You see, I have committed to laughing every day no matter what. So my New Year’s Resolution will be sharing one thing each day of the year that made me laugh or I found funny.

I’d love it, if after you read my daily laugh, you would maybe leave a post or comment on one thing that made you laugh or smile that day. Let’s dedicate 2012 to making each other smile a little more in this fucked up world.   🙂

(Yeah, that whole giving up swearing resolution obviously wasn’t going to work either)

So hear is to more laughter in all our lives in 2012~

Drats, I just realized next year is leap year, now I’ll have to stretch my self to come up with 366!  LOL……..


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