Cute Jokes You Can Tell Anyone

Make Me Laugh! 

Make Me Laugh

Ok, I get tons of great jokes from my most popular post:  EVERYONE LOVES A CUTE JOKE

Folks have been stopping by for years telling me jokes that make me crack up! So I thought we could create one big long post just of great silly jokes you can tell anyone. Young and old. My only request is you keep it clean. (You know who you are!).  After all, we do have some kiddies that will land on this page. Let’s make them laugh!!!!


Here are just a few to get the ball rolling!

  • What do you say to a one-legged hitchhiker?
      • Hop in…
  • What did zero say to eight?
      • Nice belt…
  • Why do Sharks swim in salt water?
      • Because Pepper water makes the Sneeze!!!
  • What do you say when you are comforting the grammar police?    
      • There, They’re, Their


Please, I beg others to laugh….Leave a joke in the comment section. Let’s see how many we can share!! (ok, I just added a Page to the Website instead of a post. This way people can always find a long list of cute funny jokes. So head to the tab up top for the Funny Jokes and share away!!


Thanks!! And keep laughing!

~~~till we laugh again~~~




Kids Are Too Funny!

Ok, It is Wednesday and for most of you the week already feels like it is gone on wayyyyyyyy to long.

So with that, how about some more cute kid jokes?

Why did Cinderella get cut from the softball team?
She ran away from the ball.
A bologna sandwich walks into a bar and the bartender says, “I’m sorry, but we don’t serve food here”.
Where do you find a turtle with no legs?
Where you left it!
*Three pieces of string walk into the bar, but the bartender says, “sorry, we don’t serve your kind here.” Angrily they leave, but outside, one of the strings has an idea. They twist together and tie themselves and reenter the bar.
“Hey,” says the bartender. “Aren’t you those pieces of string?”
“No, I’m afraid not (a frayed knot).”
When is a door not a door?
When it’s ajar
What do you call a cow with no arms or legs?
Ground beef
A man walks into a bar and says…
oww!! (lol, get it?)
What do you call a hundred rabbits marching backwards?
A receding hare-line
The Olympic organizers have just announced that origami will be included in the 2016 games.
It will only be available on “paper view”.
Did you hear about the new pirate movie?
Q: What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?
A: Nacho cheese!
My personal favorite of the bunch….

What do you get when you cross and elephant and a rhino?
Hope you liked a couple of them….

Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my night with a murderer….

~~~till we laugh again~~~