I’m Pretty Sure American Idol, The Voice or X Factor Will Not Be Calling

I love to sing while driving in my truck. When I’m traveling down the road I can sing any song by any singer. Perfect pitch, perfect tone and I have the “it” factor. Forget Celine Dion or Mariah Cary, I have a better eight octave voice. And Adelle, she ain’t got anything on me.

The problem is, the minute I step out of the pink truck, my magical voice sounds more like Elmer Fudd. Ok, maybe not that bad but I’m pretty sure dogs are howling somewhere.

Why is it, in our own minds we are awesome and yet others tell us to “keep our day jobs”?

Take my sister. She sings in a very high pitch. People tell her she is a great singer. Me, my ears bleed. (sorry sis, but you know I’ve always teased you on this).

Music tastes is so subjective anyways. Why else do we get mad watching American Idol, The Voice or X Factor when people we love – the judges dismiss? We all have wondered at least once or twice what they heard cuz that person was awesome. Then others we hate and they love.

For example, I’m watching The Voice as I type this. These two dudes are singing and I’m totally hating it. Yet CeeLo loves them. Then the kid prior was great and no one turned around. Craziness.

On American Idol, some people only tune in for the first episodes to see the “bad” people. Personally I hate those episodes. I hate listening to bad singers. I’m ok with them making fun of them. After all I love me some good humor. But honestly, if I wanted to hear bad singing I’d listen to people in their showers.

Hmm, on second thought, maybe I should stick to listening to people in their cars cuz listening to them in the shower might lead to some Peeping Tom charges against me. A silly way to get a infamous mug shot on the internet if you ask me.

Oh well…

I’ll keep singing in the pink truck and I’m pretty sure the people driving by will wonder what awesomeness they are missing. Either that or they are only pointing and laughing at the sight I must be.


~~till we laugh again~~~