A Few Thoughts as We Head into Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. All across the land people will be giving their mom’s Happy Mother’s Day cards or possibly be receiving them. They might also include flowers, stuffed animals or a nice brunch or dinner.  Thanking their mom’s for being the Best Mom a kid could ever have.

Some folks will not be celebrating this tradition as they have either lost their mother or maybe their memories are not those warranting gifts of appreciation for the hell their moms put them through.

I’m not sure any mom is perfect. Sure you have the extremes. The TV perfect moms who do everything right; who raise perfect children, creating perfect memories. Then the other extreme of abusive and downright mean moms who inflict pain on their “evil” spawn.

I like to think there are more of the first extreme than the second, but sadly that probably isn’t the case.

The good news is, most moms probably fall in the middle. They aren’t perfect but they try their best given the current situation at any given time. They love their children no matter how much they drive them nuts and they might want to murder them. They sing to their kids even if they can’t carry a tune and they tell them “no” even when they may want to say yes.

Through the course of any day, most moms will be loved and hated by their children depending on the hour.

When those children grow up, their mom will be responsible for every bad thing that ever happened to them in their life. Yet, those same “adults” wouldn’t change their mom for any other mom.

We are a funny species.

Yet, as Mother’s Day roars in this year, everyone is forced to say, “Dang, I love and appreciate my mom.”  We make that trek to Walgreen’s for her card, standing there trying to find the perfect one since we don’t say it to her the other 364 days of the year.

We created a day for everyone to slow down a moment and thank the woman who kisses their ouchies, the woman who was mean when they couldn’t go out with their friends, the one who took away their toys when they were bad, and the woman who they ran to when they were scared and needed protection.

It really begs the question….

Why do we wait until Mother’s Day to appreciate the person who tried their hardest to be the best mother they could?

I love ya Ma….

And I know that no matter what good or bad happened in my childhood, I was and will always be grateful for how hard you tried. 

Meryl Streep – I’m Coming After You!

As we all begin our blogging journey, we wonder if anyone will read. We wonder if what we have to say is even worth others reading. Slowly but surely (if we try) we start to explore other people’s blogs and then they begin to discover ours. And soon, we begin to develop a “following” of folks that like what they see.

One item that catches your eye early in your seeking out new bloggers are these “Blogging Awards” or nominations for the award rather. A nomination with no vote in the end, so that part always makes me laugh. Or is there? People vote with their clicker. They see your site and hopefully visit. These awards are a way of saying – Darn I liked what you said and everyone should know about you!

Secretly, we all want to be nominated. Sure it would bring you new readers, but the fact that someone reaches out and says they loved what you are doing adds pep to our step. Isn’t one of our basic needs to feel appreciated?

So, even if you are one of the rare people that could take or leave the nomination, just know that by you passing it along, you are making someone else’s day. Maybe giving them the inspiration to write more, write more often, or even have confidence that what they are saying matters.


Now with that said, I’d like to thank No Sugar, Just Spice for nominating me for not one but four awards! Oh my. So much love should have a warning label on it. These nominations I will always remember as they were my first (hopefully first of many – as I’ve stated before I’m an over achiever and really need that recognition)   😉

I’m so confident that I will make people laugh (even if just once) that I felt the need to dedicate an entire wall (page) to the plethora of awards I hope to obtain. I’m hoping my penguin collection will need to be pushed aside to make even more room.

So, feel free to make me the Meryl Streep of Blogging Nominations.


February 2012 – Nominated by No Sugar, Just Spice – Link to Acceptance —> (Coming Later Today Hopefully)

                    (Hey, took forever to write this – don’t hate) 😀


Awards Nominated for: Mrs Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award, The Sunshine Award, The Candle Lighter Award & The Liebster Award



This Spot kept dusted and saved for next nomination – please do not place your mug here…

Before the Fire – The Prequel

First off, thank you to all my Facebook friends for the kind words yesterday after I shared about the house that caught on fire. Today, I thought I’d share what this same house looked like when I picked it up as a flip several years ago. By showing this, maybe you can see why this house just keeps on giving and how I was able to find something to latch onto so that I could laugh vs cry.

As I stated yesterday in my post (I Didn’t Know if I Should Laugh or Cry) I originally purchased this home back in 2007 before the markets tanked. I was going to do a flip with it. The previous owner turned the 2 bedroom into a 5 bedroom. But lost it in a foreclosure. He was so mad at the bank, he let his kids loose to destroy the house in retaliation. 

The following are some of the pictures I took. There was graffiti on most of the walls as you can see. In one room they even outlined a dead body. There was a small knife even stuck in one section of the wall. They filled the tub and toilet with poo and ripped out everything they could.

Walking through the house, all you could do is say the same WOW I was saying yesterday (Although for different reasons). This house made us laugh back then. While it was sad parents thought this was smart to teach their kids it still made you laugh in amazement that someone would go so far. It was another example of laughing when most would find it not the right emotion.

The reality is…What is the right emotion?

To me, the right emotion is the one that helps you get through the tough times in your life. The emotions that are healthy and help you heal. Hopefully, by sharing my story the past few days, I can help others see that sometimes, finding whatever piece of humor you can in the situation might help ease the pain just a little. Hopefully enough to help you make it through.

I’ll keep you all posted… and tomorrow we will resume our normal laughing schedule… LOL


~~~till we laugh again~~~~~~~~