Cute Jokes You Can Tell Anyone!

Make Me Laugh

Ok, I get tons of great jokes from my most popular post:  EVERYONE LOVES A CUTE JOKE

Folks have been stopping by for years telling me jokes that make me crack up! So I thought we could create one big long post just of great silly jokes you can tell anyone. Young and old. My only request is you keep it clean. (You know who you are!).  After all, we do have some kiddies that will land on this page. Let’s make them laugh!!!!

Here are just a few to get the ball rolling!

  • What do you say to a one-legged hitchhiker?
    • Hop in…
  • What did zero say to eight?
    • Nice belt…
  • Why do Sharks swim in salt water?
    • Because Pepper water makes the Sneeze!!!
  • What do you say when you are comforting the grammar police?    
    • There, They’re, Their

Please, I beg others to laugh….Leave a joke in the comment section. Let’s see how many we can share!!

Thanks!! And keep laughing!


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