Falling off the Orange Bike

Well, last week was not a good week for the Girl on the Orange Bike. I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Like most new commitments to health, I took a fork in the road. Yes, I fell off the Orange Bike.

Ok, not literally fell off (although it still hurt). No, More like I fell off the wagon. I didn’t ride. (As the crowd begins to say “Oh nooooo”). Yep, for whatever list of excuses I could toss out, I didn’t do my stair stepping (darn and I had just got to the 300 step mark before passing out too). And I didn’t ride. But on the positive side, no matter how much I am still craving my Coke, I haven’t caved on that. (So I’m still batting .333% which would be great in baseball)

Sure, I could blame the company we had at the house (didn’t want to make all that noise on the stepper). Or I could say I ran late to work each day so I didn’t get to ride before opening. I’m sure I could list off hundreds, no thousands of excuses, I mean reasons. But I wont. Bottom line is, I lost focus.

Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the good news is, I hopped on that stepper today determined to get back on track. I was certain I would have fallen back to the 100 steps, I began with. But after pushing through the 3 minutes of boredom I was able to get back to my 300. Yahoo, no set back just a stall. I was then determined to ride today but excuse #1485 came into play and I missed that one. But I will prevail and ride tomorrow!

I will not be a statistic. I will not be part of the 95% that stop in February. It was just a coincidence I tell you!

So tomorrow I’ll dust off the seat bike from the week of dust it has collected (Cuz if I don’t, my butt will have dust all over it and how embarrassing would that be?)

If all goes well, in two weeks when it is time for my update, I will be proud to say I’m still off the Coke (the drink not the other stuff silly), stepping 400 steps and back to twirling around the subdivision again.

As a side note, my fingers are getting a great work out each day from the Post a Day in 2012. They are like super human fingers.    😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~


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Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike – Part II

The Orange Torture Machine

Earlier this month I shared that I was hitting the sidewalks with my Orange bike (Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike). Well, it’s been nine days and I’m still alive and better yet, I’m still pedaling.

Ok, to be honest, I’m pedaling every other day. But hey, it has still been 6 times more than I have the last 9 years. So that is a win.

I have even adventured further than 100 yards from my starting location. Amazing, I know. Yep, I have now managed to not pass out for about 3 miles. I haven’t really measured it with a tape measure, but I’m pretty sure I’m close. And yes, I can even do the whole thing with out stopping now. Unless you count when my water bottle dropped out my pocket and I had to pick it up. (And no, I didn’t do it on purpose just to breathe).

And in case you are wondering, the seat still freaking hurts. Does the butt ever get use to this torture device? I may keep pedaling but I also keep shifting. Or maybe those body parts just become numb over time. Who knows.

So the ride starts off easy enough. I have a path I take in the housing development behind my store. I zig zag through the streets taking in all the foreclosure signs and wonder if anyone will move in before Labor Day (not really, but I do look at the signs). Then I weave past the park and see the birdies eating all the Cheerios that the kids in strollers through out while mom was walking them in their strollers (awe, those were the days – when we all had personal chauffeurs) .

As I pass the park, I’m excited to realize I’m half way there and it’s all down hill. Not really down hill cause it actually is pretty straight then up a small hill. As I approach this one section I see some folks standing outside a garage and pointing at me. Is it me or the Orange Machine? How dare they make fun of me! Then I realize they are just waiving to the lady behind me. Darn neighborly love.

Any how, I turn the bend out of the subdivision and realize the while the stretch back isn’t far it has two big problems. A) I’m truly at the farthest point from my final destination (straight shot back) and this is not the place to pass out.  And B) I now have to go up hill.  Shoot me know….

So like we do when we pedal up hills, we think by pushing on our upper leg with our hand it will help the pedals turn. (AHH HAA Moment – that’s where that bruise came from).  I dodge the cars pulling into the gas station, avoid the mom’s dropping their kids off at day care (I picture them telling their kids as they point at me that this is why they must not drink so much soda).  Then through the McDonald’s parking lot (DON”T LOOK TAMMY) and over a few speed bumps (why I don’t go around them? I like the roller coaster ride effect I guess). Finally pulling up to the back door of my desitination.

I stand there huffing and puffing a few minutes on my jelly legs trying not to look like that person on Biggest Loser who always falls down on the treadmill.

And believe it our not… I feel great because I survived another trip!  Maybe fresh air brain washes us. Not sure.

I’ll update you again in a few weeks. If I stop writing one day, check the newspaper or news for a girl passed out on the grass laying next to an Orange bike – It might be me.

~~~~till we laugh again~~~

Don’t Laugh at the Girl on the Orange Bike

Ok, so besides trying to make you laugh each day in 2012, I have another resolution. Or as I like to think of it…..Pain in the ass promise to myself….

My goal is to be more active in 2012. I could give a thousand reasons why, but let’s just say I need some fresh air in my life since I’m always indoors.

So, I decided that I would buy a bike and before I started work I’d try and ride around. Get some exercise in, breathe fresh air and take in the sites.

So here is where the funny comes in…

     A) My butt on a bright Orange bike – that alone is funny as hell if you saw it

     B) Breathing fresh air takes on a whole new meaning when you are sucking it in to survive

     C) Until I do this more, the sites consist of the 1/2 mile around my store

D) I haven’t ridden a bike in 7 years and yes, the seats are still as uncomfortable as they were then. What the heck, we can make a phone with processor of a sophisticated computer yet can’t make a bike seat that doesn’t hurt your behind..

But in the end, I’m sure I’ll get some good stories to tell. A few laughs for you and those I pedal by.

So if you happen to be in my town and see what looks like a huffing and puffing mass riding an Orange cruiser, try and not crash into the divider while you laugh your ass off. It’s just me trying to be a little healthier.

~~~~~Till we laugh again~~~~