Share How You:

Laugh at Everyday Life!

bloggingI know I’m not the only person that believes in laughing at the silly, the odd and even the rough times in our lives.

I feel by sharing how we laugh at things we help others on their journey or during their speed bumps in life.

If you are looking at doing some guest blogging or maybe you don’t have a blog but would love to share a moment in your life that you found humorous or laughed vs cried.

Others would love to hear your story!

Ideas You Could Share:

Whatever your funny moment, if you would like to share, then keep reading!


blog2Keep in Mind the Following:

A)  Must be original content. Original Ideas.  (heck, anyone can steal stuff, but what fun is that?)

B)  Must stay PG – 13… I have jokes on here that occasionally kids visit the site

C)  Must have at least one picture and all pictures must be your originals (I can’t get in trouble now)

D)  No word count min but hopefully you will at least hit 300 or more…   🙂

At the end or your post you will be able to share a link to your blog or website , maybe a little what it is about. All I ask is it is appropriate for my followers / readers.  (I have a reputation to maintain you know)


If you are interested in being a guest blogger on my site, shoot me an email by clicking here: