Our New Home!

Welcome to Our New Home!

SMMH House OnlyWelcome to those of you that have hopped over from my old site! ┬áHere is our new home! Your old email list will not work so if you love getting those emails when I have new content, make sure to sign up over there —->>>

I’m adding a new feature too! I know many of you have other types of blogs but might get an itch to share your funny life moments or find ways to share with others unique things about you that make you laugh. So if you ever get an itch to share let me know! Check out: Guest Blogging

Those of you that are new…Welcome! If you are Proud of NOT Being Normal…then you are in the right place!

8 thoughts on “Our New Home!

    1. tadams4u

      Great idea! Problem is, I haven’t found it yet. LOL. There is a few things missing on a .com vs .org. But there are plug ins I’m finding to add some of those old “home” things. Glad you like it! Even happier you joined me!

      1. Harry

        I have seen a lot of people in the forum asking them to move the followers to the new blog, if the old blogs still live ( it should be ) go to the forum or go to .org .

    1. tadams4u

      On the right side the first widget is to sign up for the emails. It doesn’t have the one that goes on the top to follow. The .org does it differently unfortunatly

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