The Power of a Smile


There are days that occur in our life where you feel that the crud in your life is winning.

When everything just seems to be piling on and you just can’t catch a break.

And when you are caught up in one of those days, nothing seems to help your pity party of one.

Logically you know you need to pull yourself out of it, yet you can’t.

Then it happens. Something so random and unexpected.

Someone just looks at you and smiles.

And in that moment, the smile is so powerful that it causes you to smile back.

For a brief moment you can breathe again.

In that moment, you learn the Power of a Smile.

In that moment, you realize it will be ok.

Maybe not right now, maybe not tomorrow but it will be ok.

The smile told you so….


Thank you Jorge at Taco Bell……

Your Big Smile in the drive through was the Power I needed to find mine at that moment.


~~~till we laugh again~~~