Ok, Time To Learn Something…

Ok, everyone, time for Aunt Tammy to teach you all something. 

For the past 2 days in two different locations, I have run into a situation that is showing we are lacking some education in the world. Being the giver and teacher I am, I am going to address this need right now. Feel free to share in your circle of influence if you are running into the same thing.

Yesterday I go into a public restroom and find this….

(thank you google)

(Not actual picture, I’m not that sick and gross to take my own picture of someone’s “leftovers”)

Now, first and foremost. I don’t need to see your floating left overs nor do I need to see that you ate too much popcorn the night before and have created nice little clog for the poor porcelain god. Nor am I impressed with your ability to hide the evidence by stuffing tons of TP in the toilet to hide the true reason for the clog.

Now, it does happen from time to time our little insides are just dying to release at the worse possible time and the worse possible way. Anyone who says this hasn’t happened to them is lying.

But here is my issue.

(thank you google – again)

See the thing sitting next to the toilet? It is called a plunger.

Here is a close up in case these are new to you.

(thank you google – again)

Now, here is where the breakdown seems to occur. Maybe folks don’t know how to use this device.  It is actually very simple. Just plug your nose if needed and hold back the gag reflex like I had to yesterday to fix this problem.

Insert into said toilet, create a seal, and push back and forth creating a sucking sound. Success will eventually come and everything will be free to float down the sewer highway.

Granted sometimes you have to whip out the big artillery but this simple technique will resolve 90% of the clogged toilets in the world.

So yesterday my need to go potty was greater than my need to be grossed out. No bathroom for next 5 hours wasn’t going to work and obviously the culprit wasn’t going to fix it them self, so I took the dirty deed on myself.

Then TODAYYYYY, I come into work and guess what? Same freaking thing? Do I look like Mr Roto Rooter?

Once again, I take the handy plunger located right next to the clogged unit in question and within 30 seconds we were back in business.

Please pass along this easy to use tip….

If you clog up a toilet and the plunger is located within arms reach, please plunge your own pooh away.

Thank you for your support

~~~till we laugh again~~~

26 thoughts on “Ok, Time To Learn Something…

  1. rebecca2000

    lol you know, I would even be glad if people would replace the toilet paper. My Becca-ism post Wed. said to teach your kids to do what you don’t like to do so you don’t have to. So I say…leave your stuff i the toilet and ask them to do those things for you!

      1. rebecca2000

        Yes 🙂 Reasons for kids 1) clean 2) excuse to get out of things 3) to take care of you when you’re old 😉 No really I love them bunches.

        I like your blog. I am now following you. I hope you check out mine and poke around. I am a new blogger (a month old tomorrow) . If not I understand.

  2. carlarenee45

    Most of the time best to my recollection, there isn’t a “device” next to the toilet at all. I also agree with Rebecca about workers replacing the toilet paper. I have been in a store quite a few times when I would go into the bathroom and no paper! So, I always go find an “associate” from the store and let them know that there bathroom is out of tp. Never do I see anyone make a move toward the bathroom to do anything about it. I also tell them when I walk in and I see a yuky toilet. You know where the poop their guts out or pee all over the rim ect. I will make it really clear that it is not becoming to a shopper. They give me that look back like yuk! But again, once I walk away, they do nothing. Tammy, I am afraid that it is up to us. We are the toilet cleaners.

    1. Tammy

      I think the only reason it bothered me was since there was a plunger right there. If there wasn’t, I would have at least empathized more. LOL. Yes, I’m always amazed the workers of a place don’t clean up afterwards either. My team knows if I go in after I know they have seen a mess and did nothing about it, I’d kill them. lol

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