Are You A Carpet Tripper?


Are you a carpet tripper?

You know what I mean….

Where for no apparent reason your feet do some awkward landing and your shoe sticks to the carpet and you trip over your own feet.

I raise my hand high. 

When I worked for Home Depot for all those years, I spent most of my time on the concrete floors. I found some great comfortable shoes that had some nice thick rubber soles on them. (We all know how good it is to have comfortable, happy feet vs cute shoes).

Problem was, rubber and carpet are not friends. So when I was faced with walking on carpet, I was constantly tripping and falling forward as my feet decided to stop right there. Or I managed to not lift my foot up and the toes caught.

Then I would fall forward a few feet, catch myself, look around to see who saw me, and then act like it was no big deal.

Yep, I’m Tammy and I’m a Carpet Tripper. 

How about you?


0 thoughts on “Are You A Carpet Tripper?

  1. John Holton

    I used to be a trainer, and after wearing the standard Florsheim brogues for several months and going home with leg pain every night, I bought mailman shoes with rubber soles. Haven’t had a problem since.

  2. izzy327

    My grandma used to say “The wee lassie could-nÊe trip over a feather”. Lol. It’s in your DNA dear. Don’t think I have that quote exactly spelled right but you get the point Hee Hee

  3. benzeknees

    Yes, I am a carpet tripper as well! It has come in handy in some places when we have had to do a safety inspection & I can point out all the hazards by tripping over them! I do pick up my feet, so I don’t know the cause of my malady!

  4. J. A. Robinson

    Like your new gravatar, Tammy! When I was a kid I walked out on our front porch in the dark, tripped over something, hit my chin against the porch railing, and ended up having to go to the ER for stitches. My mom had left a new area-size porch rug rolled up just outside the door (for unrolling the next day).

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