Your Nickname ~ Love it or Hate it?

Do you have a nickname?  If so, do you like it? love it? hate it?

Sure we all have nicknames that people give us based off our name. For example, my last name is Adams, so I’ve heard my fair share of people humming the Addams Family theme and snapping their fingers  (you just tried it didn’t you? – I know some of you did).  This one actually makes me smile. I loved the show and while I might resemble cousin IT more than mom Morticia, it could be worse since there always is Uncle Fester.

I have another nickname that tend to hide. I love the story behind it since it makes me laugh, but the name in of itself I hate (no offense if it is your name). Oh, what is it? Well, let me explain first.

I have had long hair most of my life and as a kid I hated brushing it (yea, I was the typical tomboy). So the solution was to keep it in braids most of the time. My stepdad loves to assign names to people off of things and these braids were the target for mine. Only problem was, he got his fictional characters messed up and began calling me one that never wore braids.

I’m not sure if I would have liked it more if he got any of the right characters since I’m not sure Pippi Longstocking is much better than the one I was assigned (although she was a classic tomboy). Alas, I will never know.

So I have spent most of the past 25+ years shielding those I know from the truth….my nickname is……Alice.

Stop laughing….

If your name is Alice, I’m sure it is a lovely name for you. And if you are Ann B Davis, playing Alice on Brady Bunch made you some nice money. But for me… I’m not a fan.

Can you tell me what this girl has to do with a tomboy in braids?

So sad…..

My mom never calls me this thank god. She prefers to either yell in that mom kind of way that includes first and middle name. But since I usually was the good one, she usually just call me Brat. Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe I wasn’t the good one.


So…. what was / is your nickname? 


~~~till we laugh again~~~

0 thoughts on “Your Nickname ~ Love it or Hate it?

      1. buckwheatsrisk

        haha! both are good, but pretty soon i am going to get confused (doesn’t take much) and not even answer to my own name, in fact, i don’t know when the last time was i was called by that…Hubby calls me Hun, (or Mom when he slips up) and everyone else calls me the other names, and there there is my online name Zoe…who a i? where am i?…

  1. photosfromtheloonybin

    Oh where to begin? Decades ago when I was young, tall, and very very skinny, I got CN Tower because I lived in Toronto or I got Zipper because they said I disappeared if I turned sideways. And yes, that also means that I had no chest, so I got Pirate’s Dream (sunken chest). I also Cindy Loo Hoo, or Cin or Sin, and my Dad just called me Poo. The list goes on and on……..

  2. Roly

    One of my many nicknames was/is Thatch because of the way my hair fringe looked like a thatched roof. Now that I’m bald it doesn’t fit anymore 🙂

  3. ssrijana

    my nick name is *nanu that’s what one calls little girls in our culture lovingly it has stuck with me now for 24 yrs and i love it infact my neighbours don’t even know my real name

  4. Katie

    My maiden name is Hogan – so we were called “Hogan’s Heroes” – we even had a schnauzer named Schultz. (For those of you too young to remember the series — google it!). My sisters had lots of nicknames for me — none of which I can print or say in polite company. When I went to college, I became KTR or Big Katie — because I lived right next door to another Katie Hogan — so much for having a special name!

  5. The Other Category

    My friends called me Foshie for a while. Not anywhere close to Katie. It was because we had a science teacher who told us about how he used to call Goldfish (the snack) foshies when he was young. Then my friend got a droid and when he told me, I thought he said Dory, as in the fish from Finding Nemo. “Yeah Katie, I got a foshie” and then I was known as foshie for at least two years

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