Ten Things About Me

Thought I’d do something fun and challenge myself. I’m going to try to think of things and count down from ten. Wish me luck!

10 ~ I have lived in 10 different cities since I moved out from my mom’s (some I did twice and covered 4 states in the process)

9 ~ I had 9 cents in my pocket when I got home

8 ~ I have 8 singing stuffed animals (just squeeze their fingers or toes)

7 ~ There are 7 rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom closet

6 ~ There are 6 pillows on my bed

5 ~  I have 5 poker books I have read

4 ~ I’ve owned my ice cream store for almost 4 years (November)

3 ~ We have 3 dogs that call our house home (Tia, Nahla & Lady)

2 ~ I have 2 laptops – one at work and one at home

1 ~ But there is only ONE ME!!!!   Yahoo!!   😀

Dang, that really makes you think. It’s harder than you think. Don’t believe me, try it! 

But it does make me realize I should do a part two some day with other random numbers. Everything that seemed neat to put down was way more than 10. LOL

Hope you had fun…


~~~till we laugh again~~~

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