Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 9

Sunday Funnies Time!

When I share some of the fun stuff I came across in Google or Facebook this week. 

I think you can all relate


Now he has lots of space!


So darn cute I could puke


And it’s a darn shame too


Some go undetected – LOL


So freaking true!

(this was my favorite of the week until I came across the next one)


He had me at the Rubber Ducky & the Ice Cream!


Have a great Sunday everyone!!

And don’t forget to laugh!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

32 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies ~ Edition 9

  1. Devina

    I don’t know if every week it gets better and better! I relate to the lies and ditto on the sarcasm 😀 The frog should join the club, maybe if we ask he’ll be our mascot or something! Ooo-weee, thanks for another week of laughter, tomorrow’s not school for us in my parts so things are already looking good. Have a great week ahead, Tammy!

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