I Wonder if Sarcasm Can Be a Full Time Job

As you know, I’m looking to discover what I should be when I grow up.

They always say you should look at what you are most talented at or what you love to do. As I have built my list one item stands out that I’m wondering how can I make money from it. I love the sarcastic thoughts that come into my head.

There was a time when most of them came out my mouth, but life has taught me to keep them inside. Sometimes I’m cracking up and people don’t realize it’s from the thoughts dying to sneak out my mouth.

I can’t tell you how many times someone is telling about a conversation that just begged for a witty comeback and when I ask what they said in response, they just shrug and say “nothing”. OMG! You are killing me!ย These fools ย just set you up and you didn’t take the no brainer comeback??

Or I’ll say, did you say… XXX and they will go “No, I didn’t think of that.”

So maybe I can make money with the Sarcastic Hotline.


Right when someone needs that good comeback, they tell the person “one sec” then they give us a quick call and my team and I can offer them great sarcastic responses for $3.99 a minute.

Hmm, this might have potential.


I might have to think this through. Surely with all the stupid things that get said, this can be a full-time gig. I can make tons of money!

To all my sarcastic brothers and sisters out there. Let’s think of how we can put this extreme talent we have to good use. After all, shouldn’t we use our special powers for good vs for evil?

Oh, and to those that think I’m serious…..Thus lies our problem……

<<<insert sarcastic comment here>>>


~~~till we laugh again~~~



0 thoughts on “I Wonder if Sarcasm Can Be a Full Time Job

  1. cjmoseley

    Perhaps a Staircase Wit app would be a good use for your Sarcasm skills. Mix a database of delicious putt downs and comebacks with some Siri app power and Bingo! Instant millionaire mansions and duck ponds…

  2. Tiffany (lifewithblondie)

    When it grows so big you can’t handle all the calls yourself, just send me the overflow. I will be your first employee. The same thing is always happening to me, like the other day, took my kids on a dolphin cruise and this lady actually looked at me and said “be sure to keep one eye on your children at all times.” I couldn’t resist, I mean I was standing there with 8 kids, so I just looked at her and said “which one should I watch, the cute one?” I guess I should think her for the advice, I mean otherwise it would have never occurred to me to watch them on a gigantic ship in the middle of the ocean where they are leaning over the rails to see some aquatic life… Without her advice I probably would have just read Cosmo or taken a nap…

  3. writerwannabe763

    There are so many times I have been asked a question and couldn’t think quick enough for a good come-back…but later thought of great ones….’why did I answer like that…why didn’t I say ‘………..?’…Diane

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