I Can’t Imagine Why Your Kid is a Brat

First off, let me go on record before any haters come out, I’m extremely against child abuse. Those that do should be punished not just by being locked up, but getting the shit beat out of them in return so they know how it feels.

But with that said, there is a difference between beating your child and holding them accountable for their actions. Lessons are not learned sitting in a corner for 5 minutes or taking away their cell phone (oh horrors of all horrors)

Yes, many kids turn out awesome with very little discipline.  Great parents? Possibly. Great genes? Maybe. Lucky? Definitely.

However, I’m noticing more and more how kids are allowed to run around destroying things with no accountability.  They are allowed to talk back with barely a peep in return. The mouth’s on some of them is amazing. Hard to believe some of them are only 9 or 10 years old.

How parents are shocked when these same kids become really obnoxious, hate spewing, smart ass brat teenagers is amazing to me. When all these parents need to do is only look at how they held (or didn’t hold) this teenager accountable long before they turned 13.

So it got me thinking, what other fun things could we do to these future smart ass hoodlums.

Bet they will not sprinkle the sugar on the carpet again

Even better, Tabasco sauce for the smart ass mouth

(ok, maybe that is extreme, how about make them do that spoon of cinnamon test?)

Yes, you will listen to this story for the 8,000 time. Until you learn to stop rolling your eyes

Yep, the dreaded grounded with a new twist

(don’t worry, straws for breathing can be included)

Yes, a special jail cell you can drop your kid off at the police station when you catch them stealing a cookie.

As you know, stealing a cookie today means  stealing your car at 16


Oh the stories I could tell from just watching kids and their parents in my store for the past 4 years. Never mind what I have seen in public.  There has to be a solution we can agree on.

Maybe it isn’t whupping their butts, but some how we need to find a way to raise kids that respect not only their parents more, but also have and show respect to others. Bullying is out of control, damage to other people’s property is out of control and this sense of entitlement is crazy.

 Then again, maybe an a$$ whupping is what some of these little monsters need. 


Don’t even get me going on how this younger generation is impacting the workplace. Especially once they begin to get held accountable for their actions.


Let’s have some fun

(If no kid gets harmed during our dream punishments)

What would yours be?


~~~till we laugh again~~~




38 thoughts on “I Can’t Imagine Why Your Kid is a Brat

  1. terry1954

    in the eighties the IN thing was to b your kids friends, instead of parents, and in the 2000’s too many parents are afraid. yes afraid to spank, the old fashioned spankings, for fear of someone hearing, telling on them, and losing their kids. it is sad, because most kids need boundries, love, guidelines, and spankings

  2. Gemma

    Don’t even get me started!!!! I watched children leave my classroom, where they had boundaries, consequences, AND my love, and they went from respectful with me, to ‘you have to’ and ‘i want’ and hitting their parents, and handing over their backpacks (like they have maids and butlers – and their parents take and carry the darn things,) and spewing orders, and out and out screaming at their parents, while nothing gets said or done. I tell my son, who is now 26, these horror stories and I ask, “why didn’t you act that way” and his response is simply, “You wouldn’t let me.”
    I say start laying down the law and sticking to your guns and don’t be afraid of what a 5 year old is going to think of you.THEY’LL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT! They NEED boundaries and consequences and a 7 year old does not need a cell phone. GIVE HIM A BOOK!!!
    I’m done. Sorry.

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      well said! That is my point. I’m very matter of fact with my many nephews and nieces that it is about respect. I will not be disrespected. We have a blast together no matter what we are doing, but they are very much aware that I will not be disrespected. I tell them, I don’t disrespect you and I expect you not to disrespect me. I love watching their faces when they catch themselves before I even have to say anything. LOL.

  3. photosfromtheloonybin

    I am constantly shocked at the stories my kids tell me about how kids act at school towards their teachers and their fellow students. I could never be a teacher nowadays because I would kill them all!! I’ve often witnessed a kid acting like a jackass and said that they should come and live at my house for a while, and they would soon change their ways!! My kids have had unliimited amounts of love and pretty much everything that they wanted (within reason and on special occasions, not everyday), but there are a lot of rules in my house and they have always been expected to follow them or else!! When they were little, I didn’t hesitate to give them a spanking, especially if they were acting out in public. I didn’t give a shit if anyone saw me either. But that was the extent of it – a swat on the butt, not a beating. Now my kids are 15 and 19, and they are both awesome!! People compliment us all the time on how well they have turned out. No, they’re not perfect, but they have grown up learning to follow rules and respect others. All I can say is there are many parents these days that need an ass whooping because they are bringing up monsters!!

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      Hmmmm, how do you really feel? ;-).

      Great points. Anyone who reads your blog can see how great you get along with your kids and how much love and respect there is. With bullying so bad right now, I hate to see how we treat each other as these kids enter adulthood soon.

  4. writerwannabe763

    As a parent I was not an abuser but we did spank our children when they were young (that would be in the late 60’s early 70’s before it became ‘unthinkable’ to do so. When they were very little a tap on the hand or butt ….a little older a ‘spank’ Ohhhh and did we talk a lot to them about the whys and wherefores of what they did being not acceptable….

    .a little story…I worked afternoon shift and at the time my mother looked after the 3 children until my husband got home around 8ish. Sometime before supper my mother sent my oldest around 8 or 9 (memory bad) to the store with about 4 empty jugs to get 1 jug of milk. He came home with the milk but no change and when asked by my mother he didn’t know why etc. Within a short time a friend of his who had gone to the store with him, came over to the house with some pastries. His mother would not let him have them. Turned out they took the ‘change’ and bought these pastries but then my son knowing what he’d done was wrong told his friend to keep them. Well of course my mom said something to him about what he’d done, and they were in bed before my husband got home…he just thought we’d talk to them the next day.

    ..but when I got home at 12:00 am I felt the need to deal with it then so up I got our son from his bed and had a nice long talk with him and said among other things that if he ever ‘stole’ anything from anybody even us again I would call the police and report him. Sounds harsh doesn’t it….but I felt the need to emphasize that whether it was $2.00 or more it was still stealing and wanted to make a point. I must say that as they got older I have asked whether or not the spanking had really affected them in any way or did they resent us for doing it, and also recounted the “milk jug caper’ many times as a joke (by that time) and they all said they had no feelings whatsoever of resentment… Sorry for the long winded story…Diane

  5. jensine

    I am not for ass-whooping BUT somehow my mums “I am counting to three” instilled fear in me and my mum was very strict. I do think children need discipline and no just saying they are naughty doesn’t help. And no wonder teens and young adults think they are somehow entitled … after all they always get everything and never have to wait.

  6. buckwheatsrisk

    i think parents need to parent, where i am living our neighbours who have a toddler and a newborn, just spent about 24 hrs. in two days partying, drinking and being drunk out of their minds, yelling and screaming with no regard for the neighbours or what their children are being subjected to. Smoking pregnant Mom’s included in the party, i witnessed one driving drunk with a beer in his hand…parents need to grow up! i’m not saying all are bad, but geeze! it’s hard to watch as someone who can’t have children.

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      Great points! Some folks just shouldn’t be parents as they are barely kids them selves. That is why the second part of being a kid at heart is ….BE RESPONSIBLE but be a kid at heart. You can be the cool parents / family yet still raise your child with boundaries. The one that kills me is when the parents are the ones that give their child beer, cigarettes or drugs. I know this family that regularly smokes weed with their teenage kids. I’m sorry, but “I know they would do it anyways” doesn’t make it right.

  7. mara4africatoalgarve

    As a teacher, I know how difficult it is to teach some little and not so little brats. When I meet the parents, it’s usually obvious the parents don’t establish boundaries at home or instill the need for respect.

  8. kewsmith

    No one knows the best way to parent because it is different for us all. I couldn’t bring myself to spank my kids and they were and are wonderful, well-behaved, respectful human beings. I think the answer has a lot to do with spending time with them, appreciating what they do and loving them. I did and still am making parenting mistakes but I’m not afraid to say, ‘I’m wrong’ when needed.

  9. chlost

    I work with kids who are charged with crimes, and I deal with kids who have been abused/neglected. In nearly all cases, there are mental health issues for the kids/parents. I’m talking big time stuff, not just ADHD, which is way over diagnosed around here.
    One of the most interesting comments I have ever read was that the word discipline comes from the word “disciple”, meaning someone who follows the lead of another. The old “do as I do” theory. You cannot expect a child to act much differently than the adult who is caring for them.
    We have three successful, intelligent and respectful adult children. The one thing that we did that was different than many of the parents of their friends was that we respected our children and held them accountable. They have always treated us and others with respect. As Carl says, you can’t treat a child with violence and then expect that they will be nonviolent.

    1. Tammy @ LaughingAtEverydayLife

      You are hitting on what I believe is very critical. respect. I get strange looks from adults when I say a kid needs to be respected and they need to learn how to do it in return. they often go…they are a kid I don’t have to respect them. I point out a you did, how else duo we teach them to respect others? even other kids? great point

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