Yelling, Screaming and Being Loud are NOT Ways to Communicate!

Psst, ummm, just so you know…. I’m right here. You don’t need to yell.

If I’m standing less than 3 feet from you, why is it you feel the need to yell?

Granted, I might be slowly going deaf, but there is no need to scream to communicate. It will actually make me want to listen less.

When I was a kid, my brother and sisters were loud. And I guess with 4 siblings the main communication style will probably be LOUD for some reason. Everyone fighting to be heard. I love my siblings, just not the loudness. When I turned 18, I moved out shortly there after. To this day I tell everyone it was because everyone was so loud.  Twenty eight years later, they still don’t believe me.  LOL

Take a phone for example. Either a land line or cell will work. Last time I checked, your mouth goes where you talk and your ear where you hear. But have you noticed how some people answer their phone and go from a normal speaking voice to a yelling loud one? You’d think they were talking on tin cans for god’s sake.

I have young lady that works for me who when ever she is on the phone with her mother, she just starts yelling to be heard. I’m constantly telling her to stop screaming at her mother. To which she says…”I’m not yelling.” I think…I suppose you’re not if your goal was everyone to participate in the conversation.

But she fits the other group that yells / get loud. Why is it when family members talk to each other they feel the need to scream at each other to communicate? It’s not like they are even really mad at each other. My one nephew will scream the other one’s name for no reason at all. I’m always like..he is right there, why do you have to scream?

But there is a difference between being LOUD and screaming to be heard. Why do people insist on screaming to communicate? Do they not realize that it just makes the other person want to fight back more? That is turns on ones defenses? Trust me, if you start screaming at someone, they will want to scream back.

I think this is why I love my quiet time. I love when it is peaceful. Problem is, when people come around, it tends to get loud. Why is it when we are alone we wish others were there and when they are we want them to go away? Oh yea, cuz they are loud!  LOL.

The sad thing is, most people aren’t angry or mad. They just think that the louder they get, the more likely they will be heard. It has become acceptable to just scream at other people to make them hear us. I hate to tell you, for me it just causes me to tune you out more. Yep, I’m more likely to ignore you if you are yelling at me. Even if you don’t mean it.


Maybe I’ve always had sensitive ears. LOL.

So do me a favor….I’m right here. No need to scream or yell. I promise, I’ll hear you.


Does this drive you nuts too?


~~~till we laugh again~~~




39 thoughts on “Yelling, Screaming and Being Loud are NOT Ways to Communicate!

  1. terry1954

    i hearddddddddddddd you!!! lol, this is true though. i think some scream trying to get u to see things through their eyes, i am the same way though. i wish people were here because of the silence, and then when they do come, i am glad when they leave, giving me silence once again

  2. photosfromtheloonybin

    OMG, you should try living in my house!! It’s a zoo and very, very loud all the time. I love the occasional times when I am home alone and can recharge my batteries and let my ears heal! LOL

  3. writerwannabe763

    Yes it does…and I do think there are people like us who do have sensitive ears…my mother and believe it or not the siblings that I grew up with were also not shouters…but when I married my husband’s family were and it took a lot of getting used to…I’m still not…I can’t follow the conversation as they not only shout but talk at the same time…Diane

  4. crubin

    Believe me, I hear you. And the best part was, you didn’t need to shout to make yourself heard. Others could learn from your example. I, too, enjoy the quiet. 🙂

    1. samia.ramadan

      yelling is coming from inside somebody who is suffering pain, fear, loss .by yelling want to tell others i am not afraid ,i am strong ,i am good,,,,,,,,etc so let us be good to those who try to express themselves by yelling

  5. Everyday Tangents

    It used to drive me crazy when customers would order like that “AND I’D LIKE FRIES WITH THAT PLEASE!” I get that the music was loud, but I was standing right there and they would yell like I was a foreign moron. I wanted to crawl over the counter and shake them whenever they did that!

  6. dearanonymousfriend

    I love my quiet time… so agree with your post, thanks for sharing this! When my daughters were little and they would scream I always said there had better be blood somewhere or else there was not allowed to have any screaming. To this day when they hear a child scream they both wonder if there is blood present because you aren’t allowed to scream unless there is… DAF

  7. Madame Weebles

    Preach it!! I have no idea why so many people think they need to talk at 200 decibels when they’re standing right next to each other. I try to give them the stink eye when I can to let them know that they’re being obnoxiously loud. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sigh.

  8. Devina

    Too true. This is why my sister and I end up fighting, not because one of us is ticked off, it’s just to get the other one’s attention, and I have four siblings as well and most of the time the place is a circus. That’s why one of the reasons I appreciate mornings is that everything’s so peaceful and quiet … until the little beelzebubs awake.

  9. izzy327

    I read your post, and while I agree about yelling, I am thinking.. my bother and I never yelled at each other but for one time that I can remember. And while your sisters and brother were loud, and my Mother, i would give oh sooo much to hear my brother or even my mum,yell at me now.. Sometimes the things we dislike the most are the things we miss the most. Enjoy the noise, because the FINAL silence is the loudest, and the saddest. xxxx Mom

  10. Pink Ninjabi

    Yes, it’s sooo obnoxious. I mean, I know cell phones don’t have the best reception in both audio and signal, but still, why not wait until we get home? I mean, why is anything so important that it must be heard, by EVERYONE. Especially when it’s too much information. Eesh… 😀


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