Who Wants a Nap?

Yesterday I mentioned how it was in the 100s here. Yep… HOT

The problem with the heat is it zaps you of all energy. As long as you are inside all is good. But 2 minutes outside and you are ready for a nap.

I wish I could nap. It is one pleasure that I really never get. But if I could, I would walk outside first  because I’m telling you. That heat will drain you faster than a Blond Bombshell with a Rich Man’s Wallet.

So I thought I’d share some Nappy Nap pictures to remind us all how great it would be if we could take a nap right now…

I know I for one would LOVE one right now!


Like Father Like Son

Kids are great, they can sleep anywhere

Great hiding place too!

(reminds me of people when I worked at Home Depot that crawled up in the racking to sleep)

Railroad tracks??! This guy is just an idiot – LOL

This one just made me smile

This one is just a reminder not to nap drunk (you know who you are)

Now who hasn’t taken a quick 5 minute nap in the john?

This one is just wrong…Plain wrong…

(But I bet you laughed!)


Ok, nap time is over…let’s all get back to work!


~~~till we laugh again~~~

23 thoughts on “Who Wants a Nap?

  1. carlarenee45

    A couple of those pics looked like my living room lol. We nap like twice a day here. Me on the couch, My oldest cat on my chest snoring, my dog in the chair dreaming and my little fluffy cat above my head. I love naps!! For so many years I didn’t get any sleep and I’m making up for it now! lol

  2. buckwheatsrisk

    ahahaha! the drunk guy and the one that was just wrong so wrong!! the blond bombshell with the rich man’s wallet was pretty funny too!
    just for the record, i have never napped on the jon, that is just asking for trouble, besides isn’t concentration required? 😉

  3. the curtain raiser

    “Think what a better world it would be, if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.” Robert Fulghum

  4. pouringmyartout

    It is funny that kids can sleep anywhere. But they fight sleep as if it is the grim reaper coming to visit. I could sleep anywhere when I was in my teens. In the Navy, I could sleep standing up. I did it in boot camp. I lowered my hat brim with my eyebrows and slept in the chow line. I could sleep on cement or rock or dirt. But if anyone came near me, I woke up right away. I could also tell myself exactly when I wanted to wake up, and I would. Cool, huh?

  5. benzeknees

    I purposely stopped reading your blog at work because you always make me chuckle or snort – so no I will not go back to work. I’m at home now & I’ll nap if I want to, after all I’m a member of the Not Normal Club!

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